Where to stay for a Montreal Bachelor Party?

So your planning a bachelor party in Montreal.  The first question that comes to mind is where to stay?  Should you rent an apartment? Should  you rent a loft?  Or simply book a hotel?

After hours of research and flipping though thousands of hotel photos you find yourself back at square one.

Lofts/Apartments for a Montreal Bachelor Party:

Montreal Bachelor Party Lofts

Montreal Bachelor Party Lofts

At first this seems like a great idea. However, lofts are generally located in residential areas, where Montreal’s top Strip Clubs,  and Nightclubs are nowhere to be found.  Transportation is another factor to consider. This past weekend I hosted a bachelor party that rented a loft that was able to accomidate the whole group (9 guys). The issue was that each time they traveled it cost them $120 (3 Cabs X $40). They ended up spending over $550 in cabs alone.

Hotels for a Montreal Bachelor Party:

hotel montreal bachelor aprty

W Hotel Montreal Bachelor Party

Booking a hotel is the best option for bachelor parties. You don’t have to clean up after yourselves, and you more likely to meet “out-of-town-women” looking to hook up (trust me). There are 3 main variables to consider when choosing a hotel:


One of the most common mistakes bachelor parties make is spending too much for there hotel. Your hotel accomidations shouldn’t account for more than 30% of your budget. Hotel’s in Montreal also forget to mention that a 19% tax is added to the quoted rate upon check out (be prepared!)


Save money on cabs, and spend more on strippers and alcohol. Ideally a bachelor party wants to be located walking distance  or a short cab ride ($8-10) from all of Montreal’s hotspots.  Cabs smell horrible, and are know to overcharge tourists.

Need for a Suite:

montreal bachelor party suite

Montreal Bachelor Party Suite

Having a common area where all the guys could hang out is curial. It’s also more welcoming when you invite women back to your hotel.

At Montreal Nitelife, we have a lowest price guaranteed! If you find a cheaper rate? We’ll match it!

Plan your Montreal Bachelor Party here.

The Montreal Bachelor Party: Who’s In Charge Of Paying For What?

A bachelor party  in Montreal costs money, but who’s in charge of paying for what? Is it the best man’s job to foot the bill, should the groom-to-be pitch in, and what is the responsibility of the other groomsmen?

One thing is for sure – more often than not, the man of the hour gets a free pass on most activities. Usually it’s the best man and his ushers who split the costs of the groom, and then they each pay their own way. However, here’s a handy hint – when you take advantage of Montreal Nitelife Tours’ group discounts, more often than not, the money you save is enough to cover the groom, so there’s really no extra money out of anyone’s pocket. Check out our handy TripBuilder for more info.

– Dinner: The groom-to-be’s meal should either be covered by his best man or by all of his groomsmen. Sometimes the easiest thing is to estimate what the evening will cost (our TripBuilder can do that for you too) and then collect a certain amount from guests ahead of time.

– Adult entertainment: We don’t care who pays for it, but the bachelor should most certainly not be paying for his lap dances. Drum up some funds for his amusement or, in a fun twist, you can have the groom “earn” money by making him do some ridiculous task and getting sympathetic onlookers to shell out some dough (look for a future article on some great suggestions to help the groom make money during his bachelor party).

– Drinks: Guys can take turns buying the guest of honour drinks and shots, or even rounds, but this is another area where the groom shouldn’t be reaching into his own pocket. Bottle service in Montreal is always more cost efficient, then purchasing individual drinks

– Activities: This is shaky territory – if the groom was the one who decided to spend an afternoon at the casino, then maybe the groomsmen can chip in to buy him some chips, but if he’s a hardcore gambler, then it shouldn’t really be anyone else’s responsibility to support his habit. He can pay for a few hands at the Black Jack table. For the more adventurous groups, options like formula one go karts, white water rafting, and paintball should be considered. Check here for a list of common Montreal bachelor party day time activities.

– Transportation: End the bachelor party right by getting the groom home in one piece – either foot the bill for a cab, or make sure there’s a designated driver who’s been chosen ahead of time to get him home safely.

Planning a Montreal bachelor party? We can help. Click here for more information.

Top 5 Montreal Bachelor Party Adventure Activities

Celebrating a bachelor party in Montreal and looking for an adrenaline junkie hit? Then you’ve come to the right city – Montrealers love to live on the edge and there’s a variety of exciting adventure activities that are both centrally-located as well as within an hour’s drive in the mountains. Sure, Montreal Nightlife can keep you up all night long, but what about during the day? For the athletic, fearless, and downright crazy bachelor parties, here are the top 5 adventure activities, and ideas for you next Montreal bachelor party.

– Rock-climbing

Hit up one of several gyms in the area that offer rock-climbing (some places are solely designed for this while others offer gym equipment as well as a rock-climbing wall), or go that extra mile and let us book you time to go outdoor rock-climbing in Val David, which is just outside of the city and has a wide range of options. If if you decide not to go rock climbing, Montreal is guaranteed to make your bachelor party hit rock bottom!

– White Water Rafting

Get your Bachelor party wet in the Lachine Rapids, a popular adventure activity all summer long. Nothing like cold Montreal water to wake you up after a crazy night of partying during your Montreal bachelor party.

– Indoor Skydiving

Bachelor Party Indoor Skydiving

Enjoy the feeling of flight regardless of the weather conditions.

– Bungee-jumping

Since you’re in Montreal for a bachelor party, you’re buddy is about to take the plunge anyway, so why not get your heart racing and do something you’ll remember forever – bungee jumping! There are various places in and around the island of Montreal where you can try this extreme adventure activity, like taking the leap at Morrison’s Quarry 45 minutes from the city.

– Jet Boating

A seat-gripping journey through the Sainte-Cathrine rapids, where other boats are too weak to travel. These boats are specially designed to jump waves, and race through the rapids. Go- Pro cameras are available to rent to capture every moment.

– Paint Ball

Dress the bachelor up in your choice of costumes: chicken suit, pink bunny, or even his birthday suit, and have him run around as the group unloads on him. Or just have a tradition game of paintball, your choice 🙂

– Go- Karting

Bachelor Party Go Karting

At first this may sound a little amateur but these people take going go karting seriously. They use formula one karts which are capable of reaching speeds of 70 km/h plus.

When you book your bachelor party to Montreal on our TripBuilder, you’ll find a variety of daytime activities that we can set up for you, with everything from paintball, go karting, martial arts and more. Your days here don’t have to be spent sightseeing for hours at a time… you can get your adrenaline racing too.

Top 5 Hangover Cures

So you had an amazing bachelor party, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable… and now you can’t shake your beast of a hangover. Been there, done that!

There are a lot of myths and old wives’ tales about the best ways to kick a post-bachelor party hangover but many of them don’t work. Always looking out for our clients (and readers), we compiled the top 5 hangover cures to get you feeling back to normal in no time.

– WATER!! After a night of heavy drinking your body is severely dehydrated (hence that awful pasty feeling in your mouth), so replenish fluids by drinking lots of water. Forget sports drinks like Gatorade – while made with electrolytes, which help to aid in dehydration, they’re also packed with sugar, which won’t be of any help the morning-after.

If you really want to speed up the healing process, find some PediaSure – yep, it’s that drink you give babies when they’re sick and need to get hydrated quickly. It’s got the electrolytes you need without the added sweeteners… just make sure your mates don’t catch you drinking from the plastic bottle with the teddy bear on it.

– Fruit. Eat an apple or a banana and curb the queasiness. Your empty stomach should feel better with solid foods in it, and the vitamins from the fruit will help with curing that hangover. And potassium-rich foods like bananas will also help speed up the process.

– Toast or bread. Don’t load it up with butter and preserves – have a piece or two of dry toast to help soak up all that alcohol from the night before. Again, your stomach will stop churning so much once you put something other than vodka in it.

– Eggs. Discovery Health recommends eating eggs. Eating eggs the morning after will give you energy but they also contain substantial amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver’s easily depleted glutathione. Therefore, eggs can potentially help mop up the left-over toxins.

– Sleep. If you’ve been up all night you’ll never give your body time to rest after trying to process all that booze. You need a long nap. Put head to pillow and let your body do what it’s gotta do to get you over the binge drinking.

Balance Requests From The Groom And Attendees

Bachelor parties should be fun for everyone, from the man of the hour right down to the guests. But to balance requests from the groom and attendees can a tricky task – surely you want the groom-to-be to have an unforgettable evening but you also want the rest of the party to have a great time too. So how do you please everyone?

Ultimately, the most important person to keep in mind is the groom – if he’s not a fan of Italian cuisine then don’t book dinner in Little Italy. However, if you plan an itinerary for the bachelor party that includes a wide range of activities, you’re sure to find something for everyone.

Working with a professional bachelor party-planning company like Montreal Nitelife is probably the easiest route to go because we’re the experts – we know every venue, sport, and restaurant in the city, so we can take all of the guesswork out of your trip. Visit our TripBuilder and click through the various tabs – you’ll see that there are an endless combination of activities that we can set up for your group, from an afternoon of paintball to an evening of exciting adult entertainment (and everything in-between).

In order to better balance requests from the groom and attendees, talk it over with the man of the hour as well as the other groomsmen. You want to get feedback from some of the guests, but if you get too many people involved in the planning process you’ll find it overwhelming, so stick to advice from the core group of guys who are going on the trip.

Finally, keep the plans flexible so that if some of the attendees don’t want to participate in something, they can opt out – if you plan a variety of different kinds of activities, everyone will be able to find something they want to do and can therefore they can all be a part of the festivities.

Avoid An Angry Bachelor

What will ruin a bachelor party? We’ll tell you – it’s an angry bachelor. True, it’s fun to publicly embarrass the groom-to-be to some degree, but when things get carried too far, you could find yourself less one friend.

There’s a fine line between picking on your buddy and outright humiliating him at his bachelor party. We’ve seen it all – guys dressed up like women carrying around blow-up dolls or being dragged around on a leash… some grooms love it! It’s that one last hurrah so why not? But other guys… well, let’s just say that that isn’t their idea of a good time.

You should know your friend pretty well (especially if you’re the one planning his bachelor party). You and the other organizers should know what will be tolerated and what is crossing the line. And if you don’t know, there’s one simple solution: talk to him. If you’re questioning whether or not a private dancer will be a fantasy-come-true or a complete disaster, sit down with the man of the hour before the festivities and go over the plans. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises. Both the groom-to-be as well as his bride-to-be will appreciate the honestly and forthrightness and, that way, you’ll avoid an angry bachelor.

Also, make sure there’s a lot of variety for the itinerary – it really shouldn’t be hours upon hours of drunken pranks and games because maybe not all of the guests (including the honouree) are into that. Start things off with a classy dinner – save the liquored foolishness for later in the evening. That way, if people don’t want to participate, they can at least spend some time with the bachelor at the pre-shananigan meal and then bow out for the debauchery.

If you need some help planning a fun, well-balanced bachelor party, then give us a call or start creating your Montreal vacay on our TripBuilder – we plan 30+ bachelor parties every weekend in this awesome city so we know every venue, activity, and more, and we can help you customize the trip so that everything runs smoothly, everyone has a great time, and you can avoid an angry bachelor when you return home.

Top 5 Bachelor Party Cities

Sometimes it’s just better to get outta dodge for a bachelor party… that way, whatever happens in your faraway destination stays at your faraway destination. So here are the top 5 bachelor party getaway locales.

– Montreal- What more could you ask for with a city? Montreal has world-class cuisine, gorgeous women, European flair, and over 5000 night-time hotspots. And MNT knows em all. With an eclectic mix of old and new, there’s an endless array of nightclubs, supperclubs, lounges, bars, pubs, and restos, there’s great shopping, and you can always find a variety of sports and daytime activities, making it the ideal locale for a bachelor party getaway locale.

– NYC- It’s the city that never sleeps, so make sure you catch up on your Zs before heading to the big city for a bachelor party. You can have any number of bachelor party themes in the Big Apple, from a pub crawl to an evening of adult entertainment (and everything in-between).

– Las Vegas- It ain’t called Sin City for nothing – go and let loose on the strip at Las Vegas (and then repent for your sins later). This bachelor party getaway locale isn’t for the quiet, laid-back group, but it’s more for the bachelor who likes to get rowdy and have an incredible time. Collect some funds (or get the groom to “earn” money by doing embarrassing tasks) so you can gamble (and therefore get a few free drinks while you play Black Jack).

– Miami- The deco buildings, the hot bodies strolling along Ocean Drive, the endless stretches of pristine beaches – do we need to say more? Miami is one of the ultimate bachelor party getaway locales because it has something for everyone – relaxation, an exciting nightlife, dining, entertainment, and much more. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

– L.A.- What bachelor wouldn’t want to celebrate his one last night of freedom with a few celebs at the star-studded venues that can be found in Los Angeles? Spend your days sightseeing in Hollywood and soaking in the rays at the beach, and your evenings dining at high-end restaurants and closing down some of the city’s most popular nightclubs.

Bachelor Party Themes

Everyone wants their bachelor party theme to be one-of-a-kind. If you’ve got the daunting task of planning a great stag for the groom-to-be, then look no further – Montreal Nitelife Tours plans hundreds of bachelor parties every year and has connections with every bar, restaurant, and nightclub in the city (literally thousands of them), so with all of their recommendations for every type of theme, you’ll be sure to have a party like no other.

– Adults only. Montreal is notorious for their wide range of strip clubs and adult entertainment venues (and out-of-this-world women). Whether you want to spend a few hours enjoying VIP treatment at a gentleman’s club or indulging in lap dances at Solid Gold, MNT can set everything up for you. There are tons of options, including having a few gorgeous party hostess join your entourage, inviting a naughty nurse to greet your party upon arrival, or even having a sexy poker dealer – all of these are available when you plan your trip via our TripBuilder.

– Pub crawl. If tasty pup fare and flowing beer is what you and your group are looking for, this city has got some great choices. Authentic Irish-style pubs, shooter bars, and cigar lounges are all located within close proximity to each other, making a pub crawl bachelor party theme a great way to experience a number of popular places in one night. Wear comfortable shoes!

– Adrenaline junkies. Maybe your groom-to-be is a thrill-seeker – help him get his fix during his stag in Montreal with a wide range of exciting activities. Plan a game of paintball one afternoon or some go karting. MNT can also set up combat extreme sports such as Kyokushin Karate, Kung Fu and boxing. Afterward, rest those weary muscles with a personal Swedish massage in your hotel room or by relaxing at Finnish baths (we can make reservations for all these activities).

– A party on The Main. St. Laurent Street is definitely one of the busiest nightlife areas in the city, with countless high-end supper-clubs, nightclubs, bars, and after-hours venues. Indulge in a world-class meal, skip lines at the club and get a table in the VIP section with bottle service, and take in everything this trendy hotspot has to offer.

Collecting Funds For A Bachelor Party

The monetary part of planning a bachelor party can be a bit tricky – perhaps, as best man, you feel awkward asking friends for money or having to hound the few stragglers who haven’t coughed up the designated amount. The main thing to remember is that this is how bachelor parties go down – you’ve probably paid for your part of a number of other bachelor parties and this one shouldn’t be any different. Guys understand that paying their way is part of bachelor-party territory, so stop stressing.

Here are a few quick tips on collecting funds for a bachelor party with ease.

– Use our TripBuilder. You can plan your entire bachelor party weekend with a few clicks of a mouse – your itinerary will automatically be generated as well as all costs according to your specifications. Montreal Nitelife Tours break down what each person owes so there’s no confusion – everyone can see how the budget is being divided. This way, collecting funds for a bachelor party is easy and straight-forward.

– Communicate. Before you book anything, run the final bill past the main guests (the ushers) – if you get too many people involved in the planning it will only complicate things, so work on the itinerary and costs on TripBuilder with the groomsmen and come to an agreement on the final plans. Then let all of the other guests know.

– Set a deadline. Make it very clear to guests what amounts are due and when, and then send them periodic reminders leading up to the deadline (you can pre-program these to be sent from your email).

– Have a main man. Make sure there’s just one person in charge of collecting funds for a bachelor party or it will get too confusing as to who has paid and who hasn’t. This “banker” should have a list of all the guests so they can keep track everything (this can also be organized on MNT’s TripBuilder).

Top 5 Ways To Make Sure The Bride Is Happy With The Bachelorette Party

The main priority of any bachelor party is to make sure that the groom has the time of his life. But you don’t want the celebrations to end on a low note when he returns home to an angry, disgruntled fiancee.

As much as the guys would love a night out on the town carte-blanche, with no rules whatsoever, that’s not going to happen – the groom may be at his bachelor party but it’s only fair that he ensures his other half is comfortable with the evening’s itinerary. After all, he’d want her to grant him the same courtesy, right?

Now, we’re not endorsing that you go into major specifics (“So we’re going to buy him a few lap dances and plow him with tequila”). However, here are the top 5 ways to make sure the bride is happy with the bachelor party.

– Talk it over. The future bride and groom should at least go over the basic schedule for each other’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. Secrets lead to suspicion. Be upfront if you plan on going to a strip club – you’d rather find out prior to a night of debauchery that she’s really uncomfortable with it then after.

– Be reachable. Maybe you don’t want the couple to be able to text or call each other all evening to check up. That’s OK. Just make sure at least one person from each group can get in touch, so maybe the best man and the maid of honour.

– Don’t take pictures. This is one of those instances where “what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.” There should be no incriminating evidence. Facebook doesn’t need images of your boy dressed up as a woman crawling down St. Laurent Street – not only will his wife-to-be see them but so could his mom, grandma, and Aunt Miriam.

– Get a room. Sending your inebriated friend home to his fiancee in a drunken stupor probably won’t go over so well, so you can either rent a hotel room or elect to bring him back to your place, at least until the next day. Let him return to his bride in somewhat one piece. We can find you a hotel at the cheapest rate possible – contact Montreal Nitelife Tours to take care of everything.

– Check in. Give your buddy’s girlfriend the courtesy of a two-second text, just to put her mind at ease. Something like, “Everyone’s having a great time. Hope your night is going well.” A quick check-in with the bride will go a lot further than you may think.

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