Looking for a Stiff Drink? Try These Memorable Montreal Restaurants

There comes a time during every vacation or trip where a nice, cold, stiff drink is an absolute must. Whether it’s been a long day trekking the streets of Montreal or you just got done with a Canadiens game, those libations call to you. Even if your hotel has a bar – or even a mini-bar – you know you’ll be spending twice what you should be.

The streets of Montreal are lined with great places that serve as a comfortable escape no matter what your day threw at you. At these fine restaurants, supperclubs, and bars, you can kick back with  a frosty glass and get lost in one of the greatest adult indulgences out there. There’s really no better accompaniment to a Montreal bachelor party then a round of drinks for you and your closest friends.

Candi Bar

mnt_collageOh Man! You gotta see this place. Montreal Nitelife Travel had the pleasure to attend Candi Bar on its opening weekend earlier this month.

Brought to you by the good people of A Gogo’s Lounge and Chez Serge, Candi Bar is a gem of venue in terms of themed decor and drinks.

The bar is actually made of 80,000 pieces of LEGO and slushy machines grace the back wall of the bar.

With gum-ball machines featured on the tables in the back section of the bar, the lighting in this venue is great.

LED lights in the floor and soft-fluorescent accents give this bar the look of all your favourite Skittles/Jolly Ranchers/Gummy Bears/Nerds and Startbust in one MOUTH. Ha!

You’ll know all the songs, for the DJ plays big tunes all night long. Candi Bar’s crowd thus far has been a mix of frequenters of Gogo’s and the industry people you usually see at a new popular bar in town.

And beware of those hot legs, they probably belong to your barstool!

Best bar bathrooms in town! Need table reservations?

1148 avenue Mont-Royal East

Bar Henrietta

If you’re looking for a cool spot off the beaten nightlife track, checkout the hip and fun-loving Bar Henrietta on Laurier Street.


Always a good time with good-looking crowds, this place packs up quickly and rightfully so with awesome cocktails and great vibes.

Open six nights a week, with various DJs and free-pouring bartenders.

Located at 115 Laurier West.


L’Assommoir Notre-Dame

assomoirWith over 35 beers and 300 cocktails featured at this trendy resto-bar, L’Assommoir is always a great option for dinner with drinks and friends.

Cool crowds crawl in from the local area night in and night out, while the staff is fun and pleasant.

With a cuisine based on Latin American ceviches (citrus-marinated seafood dishes) and interesting grilled tapas, food is meant to share.

L’Assommoir has a wonderful ambience and definitely recommended. Located at 211 Rue Notre Dame Ouest and make a reservation.


A longtime staple of the St-Laurent restaurant industry, Cafeteria is photo by Anthony Branco ©2001-2009 Montreal Nitelife Tours Inc.a veritable success story and it does what it does well, much to the chagrin and envy of others on the boulevard.

Open early in the morning (8am), and lasting well into the wee hours (3am), the Caf menu includes a roster of tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites including the revered and infamous fried calamari.

Caf is loved for its warm and inviting atmosphere, and known for its steady stream of beautiful people, both inside and on the boulevard just outside the people-watching windows that serve as the restaurant’s street-side wall.


santos_by_day1Santos Lounge keeps it coming night in and night out. When it first opened, Santos had all the buzz and trendy people frequenting this two-floor lounge.

And while many places tend to flame out sooner than later, Santos is still the place to be! With music for everyone and affordable/comfortable menu, looking good here isn’t like looking good at a standard commercial nightclub. Think hip and happy!

Santos’ DJs plays great music they want you to hear , with tongue-in-cheek paintings on the walls all the booz one can fathom!

Located at 191 St-Paul West corner of St-Francois-Xavier.


Buonanotte has been a St. Laurent hotspot since they first opened their doors in 1991. Offering a unique dining experience, their varied menu is a delectable fusion of traditional Italian cuisine jazzed up with avant-garde flavours. Their wine cellar selection is more than impressive, and they only serve exclusive wines from all of Italy’s twenty regions. They also have a permanent on-staff sommelier available to help patrons pair the perfect wines with their meals.

The restaurant hosts unique events including theme days every Thursday where a new region of Italy is explored each month – you can indulge your five senses, all in Italian.

With so much to enjoy, you don’t want to miss out on this high-end restaurant. Contact MNT today if you’d like to include Buonanotte in your itinerary when you come to Montreal.

Bring Your Own Booze?

Maybe there’s a specific drink you love that’s a little harder to find or just want to have a bottle you can nurse on your own. There are plenty of places in town that follow that mantra, and to find those we turn to a local author that knows a thing or two about booze.

Best Bring Your Own Booze

Cute book! Love the cover. Author Joanna Fox has put together a paperback guide to Montreal Best Bring Your Own Booze.

Seems more as though they listed almost every single BYOB restaurant in Montreal.

Check it out!





Hitting the Town on New Year’s Eve

Are you looking to get the most out of your New Year’s Eve in Montreal? Well, you’re going to have to leave the house or your hotel room for that! Explore the streets of this historic and beautiful city, grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant, and finish the evening off with the best yearly send off – by partying!

If you’re planning on hitting the town during your Montreal New Year’s Eve, let us make your night a little easier by making sure you don’t forget any details that could turn your night into a New Year bash into a New Year flop.

Pick the Right Outfit

closet photo

New Year’s Eve is a special night – we bid adieu to an old year and look upward and onward as another year begins. Start 2011 off right by being the most stylish one on NYE. Here’s how to plan you attire.

Dress up

You can get away with jeans on New Year’s Eve, but why would you want to? It’s a special occasion so up the ante on your wardrobe and opt for something a tad dressier – slacks for the guys and dresses/skirts for the girls.

Dress with a touch of glitz

Sure, you may not choose to wear a silver pinstriped jacket or shimmery tie all that often, but if there was one night to toss “the conventional” aside, it’s NYE. We’re not suggesting you dress head-to-toe in sequins, but you can definitely break the mold a bit on this evening. Wear a pair of swanky shoes. Throw on a fedora. Stand out in the crowd (for the right reasons – because you look so damn stylish!)

Dress smart

New Year’s Eve can be a pretty long, drawn-out night, and in addition to being stylish you also want to be relatively comfortable. So don’t wear anything that will bother you, like footwear that pinches your toes, itchy sweaters, or other potentially bothersome items.

Dress seasonally

Also, depending on the weather and the temperature, you should dress according to Mother Nature. Your best bet is layering – that way, if it’s cold outside but hot and stuffy in the club, you can dress up or down.

Dress relatively inexpensively

Sometimes guys will dress to the nines with a New Year’s Eve wardrobe that costs about the same amount as a small car. Wear your most costly attire on NYE if you’re prepared for it to get tarnished. Things can get pretty rowdy as people ring in the New Year, meaning there’s always the possibility of inebriated people (or yourself) accidentally spilling, ripping or burning something (with a careless cigarette). If you love your Giorgio Armani dress shirt, you may want to think twice about showing it off on NYE.

Find the Right Party

party photo

There are just so many things to do on New Years Eve, so where do you begin? Do you take the rowdy bar-hopping route to bars like Bar le Lab or opt for more low-key plans like a house party?

Here are some things to consider when choosing the ideal New Years Eve party.


Obviously, your budget is going to play a major determining factor in what your NYE plans are. If you have a bottomless bank account, then go all out and indulge in a fantastic meal, hit the poshest nightclub, order bottle service, and get around down via limousine! But if you’re pinching pennies a bit more, then weigh your options… hanging at a friend’s house will be the least expensive (all you need to do is BYOB), probably followed by an all-access pass to a club or bar.

Open Bar vs Pay Bar

Some people like to celebrate New Year’s Eve by getting completely inebriated – this party-goer would be smart to choose a New Year’s Eve party that offers open bar for one flat rate. However, a lot of people just want to ring in the New Year by having a good time, and if that’s the case, then pay bar would be ideal.


Most New Year’s Eve revellers have their atmosphere preference – if they like a quieter more subdued evening, then they should avoid the hooplah of the clubs and stick to a intimate resto. But if you like loud pulsating music, then head to the biggest nightclub in the city.

Age (18-21, 21-25, 25-30, 30+)

Because so many venues create special “theme” nights for New Year’s Eve, they may also enforce certain age restrictions, so ask about this ahead of time (or, leave the details to us). Some places will only grant admittance to those who are of drinking age (which could be anywhere from 18-21, depending on where you are).

Music preferences

Some nightclubs are known for featuring house DJs, while others specialize in hip-hop, reggae, or pop. Ask the venue what type of music they’ll be playing on New Year’s Eve. The last thing you want is to be trapped at a club having a Justin Bieber NYE party all night long.

200 people vs 3000 people

For many celebrators, New Year’s Eve is all about being swallowed up by the biggest crowd possible. Others find this extremely annoying. Find out the capacity of the venue before committing to spend your NYE somewhere. It could save you a lot of headaches before the hangover even sets in.

Montreal is THE New Year’s Eve city! It’s got several parties catering to all styles and tastes. Large, small, crazy, laid-back, you name it, Montreal’s got it. Check out the list of Montreal New Years Eve parties here.

Plan Your Transportation

taxi photo

A great night like New Year’s Eve can become a complete nightmare if someone doesn’t make it home safely. That’s why it’s so important to organize safe transportation for the first ride home of 2011. There’s a wide range of options out there, from cabbing it to hiring a limo, so you have no excuse not to get home in one piece.

Here’s how to organize safe transportation.

Take a cab

They may be hard to come by on the busiest night of the year, but experts at Montreal Nitelife Tours can help reserve a cab service to pick you up and whisk you home when the party’s over. Forget taking a chance driving that evening and reserve some drinking money for cab fare.

Designate a driver

Some people have family events on New Year’s day, meaning they don’t plan on drinking on NYE – so nominate them to be the designated driver who can take some of the stragglers home. Make sure to give him/her some extra funds for parking/gas – volunteering to be the designated driver on New Year’s Eve is a pretty generous gesture!

Take public transit

Most major metropolitan cities have one or several forms of public transportation, like subways and buses, and on busy evenings like NYE, they’ll often extend their hours. Take advantage of this cheap and effective service and get home safely in 2011.

City services

In big places like Montreal, the city often organizes transportation services for their residents on New Year’s Eve, such as Operation Nez Rouge (where people volunteer to give rides to people to get them home safely).

Take a bus

No, not a public bus (although that’s always an option), but a chartered bus. If you have a large group, you can all contribute and rent a bus to get to and from the New Year’s Eve festivities. Again, Montreal Nitelife Tours experts can make all the arrangements for you – then, your only responsibility is to have a great night!

Hire a limo

Why not take the high-roller’s road and opt to rent a limo for NYE? Pool some money and cruise around town with your buddies in a posh limousine. You’ll have a safe way of New Year’s Eve is a special night – we bid adieu to an old year and look upward and onward as another year begins. Start 2011 off right by being the most stylish one on NYE. Here’s how to plan you attire.

Rent a hotel room

Forget going home – rent a hotel room for New Year’s Eve and crash near all the parties. It beats finding a way back to your place at the end of a rowdy evening, and you’ll be grateful for the comfortable bed and room service the next morning (let us make all the Montreal hotel reservations!)

Montreal: The Best City to Host Your Event

Ah, Montreal. It’s a beautiful city bursting with a robust history and everything a city needs to draw in tourism from around the world. It’s also a city known for hosting some of the greatest parties and events you’ll ever know. If it’s a city that has it all that you’re looking for, there’s no denying that Montreal should be high on your radar, and in case you needed some persuasion into realizing just how amazing our Canadian city is for hosting everything from bachelorette  parties to simple weekend getaways, just read on to find out why!

 Why Montreal?

There are probably thousands of reasons why Montreal is an incredible city, but Montreal Nitelife Tours has narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons why Montreal rocks. So here they are in no particular order…

The nightlife scene

There are literally hundreds of nightclubs, bars, pubs, and supperclubs throughout the city, each with their own distinct atmosphere and crowd. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, techno, rock, or jazz, there’s something for everyone in this jam-packed city.

The food

Montreal is known for their bevy of high-end chefs (many of whom are renowned throughout the country and even across the globe) but they’re also notorious for their (awesome) late-night dives, serving everything from classic poutine to ethnic delights like shawarmas and General Tao chicken. Salty and sweet, expensive or cheap, the choices are endless.

The sights

Plan a trip to Montreal and take in the history, the nightlife scene, the shopping and the abundance of festivals. Ideal for families who are vacationing or groups celebrating their bachelor parties, and everyone in-between, there’s no shortage of great things to see and do in this picturesque city.

The sports

With professional hockey, football and soccer teams, Montreal also boasts loads of outdoor sports facilities like ice rinks, hiking trails, and more. Lace up your skates in wintertime or running shoes in the summer and check out everything athletic that the city has to offer.

The women

Yep, we said it – everyone knows the most beautiful women in the world are all right here in Montreal. Whether they’re bundled up in the snow or letting it all hang out in the summer months, the eye candy in this city is plentiful.

So with the Bachelor Party season already in full effect, Montreal Nitelife Travel put together a short video showing everyone how Montreal Nitelife Travel offers VIP services and sends all their guests to the best parties in town!

Montreal Compared to Other Cities

Sometimes it’s just better to get outta dodge for a bachelor party… that way, whatever happens in your faraway destination stays at your faraway destination. So here are the top 5 bachelor party getaway locales.

– Montreal- What more could you ask for with a city? Montreal has world-class cuisine, gorgeous women, European flair, and over 5000 night-time hotspots. And MNT knows em all. With an eclectic mix of old and new, there’s an endless array of nightclubs, supperclubs, lounges, bars, pubs, and restos, there’s great shopping, and you can always find a variety of sports and daytime activities, making it the ideal locale for a bachelor party getaway locale.

– NYC- It’s the city that never sleeps, so make sure you catch up on your Zs before heading to the big city for a bachelor party. You can have any number of bachelor party themes in the Big Apple, from a pub crawl to an evening of adult entertainment (and everything in-between).

– Las Vegas- It ain’t called Sin City for nothing – go and let loose on the strip at Las Vegas (and then repent for your sins later). This bachelor party getaway locale isn’t for the quiet, laid-back group, but it’s more for the bachelor who likes to get rowdy and have an incredible time. Collect some funds (or get the groom to “earn” money by doing embarrassing tasks) so you can gamble (and therefore get a few free drinks while you play Black Jack).

– Miami- The deco buildings, the hot bodies strolling along Ocean Drive, the endless stretches of pristine beaches – do we need to say more? Miami is one of the ultimate bachelor party getaway locales because it has something for everyone – relaxation, an exciting nightlife, dining, entertainment, and much more. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

– L.A.- What bachelor wouldn’t want to celebrate his one last night of freedom with a few celebs at the star-studded venues that can be found in Los Angeles? Spend your days sightseeing in Hollywood and soaking in the rays at the beach, and your evenings dining at high-end restaurants and closing down some of the city’s most popular nightclubs.

Places to Consider for Your Event

Electric Avenue

photo by Anthony Branco ©2001-2009 Montreal Nitelife Tours Inc.

For a more mature crowd, rock down to Electric Avenue on the southeast corner of Crescent and De Maisonneuve.

Yes, including Eddy Grant’s anthem, Electric Avenue’s DJs rip through the best tracks of the 80s, including the ones only you liked.

Open Thursday through Saturday, you can host a private VIP party at this venue.

It’s also a great club for a bunch of couples with their dancing shoes on.

For guestlist and/or bottle reservation, please contact us here!


Image result for muzique nightclub montrealMontreal Nightlife Tours went by Muzique Nightclub last Sunday for “Industry Sundays” and the ladies were out of this world. Actually that pretty much was the topic of the nite, that many pretty ladies in one nightclub on a Sunday brings back memories of when Industry Sundays was the best party of the week.

Muzique opened its doors fall of 2009, and has been bumpin’ every weekend since! Located at 3781 Boul. Saint-Laurent corner above Pine Avenue. Open every weekend, contact us herefor guestlist, bottle service and table reservations!

Chez Serge


 If you know what’s good for you, show up to Chez Serge on any game night and you’ll probably have more fun than if you were actually at the game!

And if you are wondering what kind of sporting game we speak of here in Montreal, there’s only one.

The Montreal Canadiens have more followers than any religion in this city.

Located in the Mile End and from the people that brought you A Gogo’s Lounge, Chez Serge is devoted to a 25th Stanley cup banner.

All the booz you can imagine, DJs play music in between whistles and the barmaids are in skimpy referee uniforms. Take me to the penalty box!

Located at 5301 St-Laurent.

12 Montreal Bachelor Party Ideas

Well, you thought the hard part was out of the way. Picking the city, however, was actually pretty easy, especially considering amazing party cities like Montreal exist! But now that you’re all set with a destination for your bachelor party, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to fill your time on the big day.

The thing about a bachelor party is that no two events are going to be identical. Some bachelors may enjoy a riotous good time complete with high-energy activities followed by a night of nonstop drinking and partying. Others may be more inclined to kick back with some friends and enjoy Montreal’s locally harvested flavors.

Regardless of which “school of bachelor” you fall into, the city of Montreal is not shy about delivering on a good time. In fact, we’d like sit you down for a moment and help work out some of ideas that may help you put together the perfect bachelor party itinerary for you. We have plenty in mind, from action-packed activities to the types of food, brought in from all around that world, that you should indulge on.

1. Early Morning Energy Booster

brunch photo

Sometimes it’s such a drag to try and start your day, even when there’s nothing but excitement that lies ahead. Give yourself the energy booster you need with a mid-morning brunch!

Check out The Sparrow for a brunch that calls attention to the culinary delights in Montreal. Serving up a hearty brunch is co-owner and chef Marc Cohen who, with Ethan Wills, found a way to bring the British gastro-pub to Montreal with a quick stopover in New York City for a hint of that big city flair.

Burgundy Lion in Little Burgundy also dishes out a brunch to help fuel you for the busy day ahead. This is location is a pub through-and-through and doesn’t try to fool its patrons with unnecessary adornments or overly complicated menu options.

2. Rented Luxury

jaguar photo

Most people that come to Montreal use public transportation or just walk to get around the city, but what if you could do it in style? What if you pulled up to a nightclub not in a local taxi but in a luxury vehicle that exudes opulence?

Why be carted around in a cab when you can pull up in a Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, or any number of luxurious options?

3.  Adrenaline-Fueled Fun

go kart photo

Photo by Chris Radcliff

You’re getting married. Go ahead, let that sink in.

You love the idea of knowing you’ve found the one, but there’s still a part of you that just needs to exert some form of bachelor freedom. Since this should be the last thing you do as a single man, why not decide on something exciting and adventures?

You and your fellow travelers should love cruising around Action 500 Montreal Karting, a local favorite and a place where speed is the name of the game. A little competition never hurt anybody and what better way to show off your prowess behind the wheel than by go-karting?

Maybe you want to feel like you’re behind the wheel of something more powerful. For that, there’s Vortex Racing, a simulator that puts you in the digital driver’s seat to find out what it’s like to take the wheel of a Formula One race car. You’ll feel every turn as you careen around corners and vie for the top spot.

For something more unique, try Maniax Montreal for axe throwing or tackle an indoor rock wall at Acro Parc.

4.Place a Wager

montreal casino photo

Photo by vinod.sankar

It’s your last day of being a bachelor, so we say go be a bachelor and do something impulsive like put it all on “red”! Montreal Casino is not only the largest casino in Canada, it’s a 24-hour playground for people with a little extra cash.

Go ahead and tackle the tables and hopefully revel when they pay out. As you’ll be traveling with friends, going to a casino is a great way to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves. If they don’t want to gamble, they can grab something to eat. Not hungry? Montreal Casino has no shortage of rotating shows that you can check out.

5. Get a Little Wet

Make sure you pack a bathing suit for this!

jetboating photo

Photo by Percita

Jetboating is an incredible way to spend your big day, especially if you’re fine with being tossed about and getting wet. If it’s an unforgettable experience that you’re looking for, jetboating is a unique bachelor party activity that will never leave your mind. And, really, isn’t that what this experience is all about? The memories?

6. Mid-day Feasting

poutine photo

Photo by conskeptical

Likely it’s been a long day of exciting adventures or endless money spending and you’re dying for a bite to eat. Rather than kick back in a restaurant, why not keep the fun going with the Mile End Montreal Food Tour? Just as the title suggests, this isn’t your typically dining experience. If you love variety, this food tour lets you get a taste of all of the local cuisines along a 2.2 km walking tour that’ll leave you feeling like you’re ready to burst.

7. Dance the Day Away

beach club photo

The best part about a bachelor party is that it doesn’t have to wait until nightfall. As you can probably tell, it can go on all day and you can even enjoy some of the nighttime activities while the sun is still shining. Though nightclubs own the night, locations like BeachClub control the party during the day.

Don’t leave your time at this fun midday club up to chance, book your VIP experience with us so you, too, can spend your bachelor party swimming, playing pool volleyball, and even dancing on the venue’s unique dance floors.

8. See the Sights

montreal sites photo

Photo by Jazmin Million

No trip to a foreign city is complete without a tour of some of its more iconic sites. You probably don’t want to spend too much of your bachelor party strolling the streets viewing historic or iconic locations like the Notre-Dame Basilica or Olympic Park, but it serves as a fine interlude between your day activities and what you have planned for the evening.

Then again, you can take your bachelor party on a walking tour of Old Montreal if history is your thing. The decision is completely yours to make.

9. Drinks All Around

frozen drink photo

Photo by cyclonebill

Everybody loves a good drink, but maybe you’re not ready to shelter yourself into one bar for the evening. The city is brimming with incredible breweries serving up locally crafted beers that are both refreshing and pleasing to the palate. Taking your own brewery tour is a beer-lovers dream, offering an opportunity to sample some of the city’s finest local brews. It may require you to leave the debauchery of a good bachelor party for another time during the night, but the selection of beers is vast, flavorful, and refreshing.

You’ll have quite the selection of breweries to choose from, including Dieu du Ciel, Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises, or Brasseur de Montreal.

10. A Dinner Date with Friends

dinner photo

Before you launch into the bachelor party’s main attraction, you’re going to want to refuel with a hefty meal that you can burn for energy throughout the remainder of the night.

Reuben’s, Le Pois Penche, Pizzeria Napoletana, Tapeo – these places all have one thing in common and it’s all about the delicious cuisine their chefs dish out.

Get some simple plates at Reuben’s, which specializes in sandwiches in a New York-style setting; enjoy the fine art of pizza making at Pizzeria Napoletana, a place that gives New York and Chicago a run for their money; dine on the exotic Spanish flavors of Tapeo; or experience the complex flavors of Paris at Le Poise Penche.

Your bachelor party should be accompanied with an exquisite, well-cooked meal, and at these eateries, you can bet that’s exactly what you’ll get.

11. Clubbing VIP Style

nightclub photo

Surely this is precisely what most bachelors have been looking for, the climax to their bachelor party they’ve been waiting for.

Montreal is a party city, and if you need any proof you just need to look to the many, many local nightclubs. Places like The Piknic Electronic or LeCinq will test your resolve to see just how long you can party for. Some of the largest parties you’ll ever have the pleasure of being apart of take place in Montreal, and your bachelor party could be a part of it.

If you’re eyeing up locations like Club La Boom in downtown Montreal, Upstairs, or even the multi-roomed Circus Afterhours, Montreal Nitelife Travel can put together the VIP experience that your bachelor party deserves

12. Adults-Only Entertainment

montreal nightclub photo

Sure, nightclubs always make for great bachelor party venues, but what about the really late-night entertainment. You know, the stuff you want to make sure stays in Montreal?

For that, you’re going to want to set your sights on Chez Paree, Club Downtown, and Kamasutra, three of the best gentleman’s clubs and cabarets in Montreal. Strip clubs have become a staple of the common bachelor party and each one has its own set of perks, but if you let us set up your adults-only entertainment, you’re bound to get the most out of the night.

Don’t forget, if you’re trying to throw your Montreal bachelor party excursion together, let Montreal Nitelife Travel take the harder stuff and get you set up with the entertainment and food that you wanted.

Even More Highlights from Montreal Travels Weekends!

We gave you a sampling of what a weekend booked by Montreal Nitelife Tours was like, but there is so much more to experience! Here’s another selection of our greatest weekend events, detailed by those that helped organize them!

At the bottom, we even included a shining customer testimonial that should really drive home how we handle our weekends here in Montreal.

Highlight # 3


With Spring Break in full effect, Montreal Nitelife Travel just had their biggest Spring Break Party Weekend. We hosted several schools with their Spring Break Party Weekend In Montreal, traveling from Southern Ontario and from Maine. Everything ran smoothly from the scheduled chartered buses to the hotel accommodations and the nightlife/entertainment activities in Montreal!

By adding more staff this weekend, we were also able to handle our steady number of groups traveling to Montreal for Bachelor Parties and Bachelorette Parties. A new package, the PAY-AS-YOU-GO package allows travelers to pick and choose what they want to do while they are here in Montreal, AND which people are involved in certain activities. It’s really helpful to group leaders and the Montreal Nitelife Travel staff!

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #1:

“My job was to help out with the go-karting and paintball activitiesfor some of the Canadian spring break students, and of course my usual BP/BPe groups. I had a group of eight down on a Bachelor Party staying at Le Crystal Hotel, a really nice hotel. They had dinner on Friday and hit up some gentleman’s clubs VIP style the rest of the evening. Saturday was Casino and Supperclub night with them enjoying VIP tables at Buona Notte. “

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #2:

“I helped out with college students as a central Downtown guide making sure everyone knew where to go shopping, eating and of course nightlife. I had a group of girls in for a Bachelorette Party. They did 281 on Friday and Saturday they did the Spa thing and then went to Globe for dinner. I saw them later on dancing at Rouge. Good times.”

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #3 (Mr. Experienced):

“Here’s a first timer for me, I had clients in from Nunavut, which is next north as you can get for Canada.  A few things we didn’t know about Nunavut: no street names, just a number, and the postal codes are similar to Santa’s (H0H 0H0). Nice guys. I also had a group of girls that did 3 dinners, 3 clubs and paintball all through the PAY-AS-YOU-GO package. I also partied with some returning NYC clients during the week. We had dinner at Taverne Dominion and hit up Velvet in the old port. I also escorted them to Sugar Shack by Au Pied De Cochon last week, which was very cool!”

Highlight # 4


Good Afternoon Party People!

It’s getting very busy here at MNT headquarters, as the season is in full effect. Bachelor PartiesBachelorette PartiesParty Weekendand some Hockey fanatics too!

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #1:

“I had a lot of west coast groups including two separate groups from Vancouver, both here on Bachelor Parties. Then I had Seattle in the house. What’s cool with our West Coast Bachelor Parties is not only do they want to take on Montreal’s nightlife (including nightclubssupperclubs and stripclubs), they also wanted a guided tour of Downtown Montreal. I like this, because I get to put my tour hat on and show people our beautiful city. It’s nice to make new friends and show them a quality VIP time!”

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #2:

“With my Toronto Bachelorette group living it up all weekend, I had so much fun partying with these ladies. They had a whole slew of Bachelorette Party Ideas including a wild scavenger hunt and drinking games. Friday night the ladies did their thing on Crescent Street with dinner at Weinstein & Gavino’s and guestlist at Jet.

They also hit up Seven Nightclub and Thursday’s. We set them up for dinner at Globe Restaurant on Saturday night, where they stayed for drinks and then had table reservations at Rouge Nightclub.

I also had a group come in from Philly and got them tickets to the DJ Premier vs DJ Pete Rock show at the Telus Theatre. After that I took them over to Koi Lounge for the official after party.”

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #3:

“My NYC group was money. They had dinner on Friday night at Montreal’s famous restaurant Au Pied De Cochon. Saturday they went to the Canadiens vs Maple Laughs (aka Leafs) at the Bell Centre after paintballing during the day. After the game they hit up a few Crescent bars and then went to Gogo’s to cap the night off.

Then I had a group that had VIP at Tonic Club Lounge. I went to check on them, make sure the club was jammed and they were hooked up. No worries whatsoever, eight guys with four bottles of premium booze. I don’t remember the end of the night.”

Customer Testimonial

A Special Newsbreak at MNT Headquarters!

We just received this testimonial from our clients:

Hi Daniel!

On behalf of the whole crowd, I would like to thank you for all that you have made possible this weekend.  This was definitely one of the most memorable weekends of our lives and sets a precedent for other parties. Thank You Both Very Much!

Brooklyn Crew – Bachelor Party in Montreal, May 25

Guess who just called and is back this weekend for another Montreal Nitelife Travel Bachelor Party Package!Customer

Photo by szeke

Eat to Your Heart’s Content at these Delicious Montreal Eateries

Food. No matter how you spend your time in Montreal, there’s no denying that, at some point, you’ll have to give into your natural instinct to shove something delicious into your face.

In Montreal, finding a place to eat is a chore, not because there aren’t any good places but because there are dozens upon dozens of delicious restaurants. Take the guess work out of finding a place to eat and check out any of these amazing delicious eateries. Whether you’re chowing down for breakfast, lunch, or have to plan for a big bachelorette party dinner, you can find a place to dine at in this collection of Montreal’s favorites!


A well-loved diner-style resto just west of the city, locals have been frequenting Cosmo in NDG and stuffing their faces for under $10 for decades. Small, quaint, and oh-so-deliciously-greasy, there’s nothing not to love about this place. Order their renowned mishmash, which is made from four eggs, four types of breakfast meat, and a few vegetables for good measure.

Jardin Nelson

A more reserved brunch locale in the heart of Old Montreal (just off the Square), the Jardin Nelson is set up behind the historic Hotel Nelson and features a menu with omelettes, an outdoor locale with lush greenery, and live jazz music every weekend.

Chez Cora

This home-grown chain of restaurants pride themselves on only serving breakfast and brunch. Their generous portions always include an overload of fresh fruits (to help cure that hangover), and their homemade smoothies will be just the reboost you need after a busy weekend of partying hard.

Ben & Florentine

With locations across the island of Montreal (and beyond), Ben & Florentine always serves hearty breakfasts and brunches with food piled high and endless amounts of their delicious coffee. They also have a great lunch menu as well.


If eggs are what you are expecting for brunch, then you’ve come to the right place. They’ve got it all, from omelettes and crepes to waffles, french toast, and pancakes, all of which are made in-house.


Family-owned since day one, Reuben’s was first established in 1976 and haven’t stopped slicing that smoked meat ever since.

Make it a smoked-meat omelette or a classic sandwich on rye bread with that infamous dill pickle on the side.

Get ready for a renovated NYC-diner look, but with softer lighting and friendlier staff members.

Daily specials for lunch include the juicy burgers and pub-style appetizers.

Two locations, one at 888 Ste-Catherine W and the photographed one at 1116 Ste-Catherine W.


75 years and running…Schwartz’ smoked meat sandwiches put Montreal on the world map (along with our 24 Stanley Cups and great bagels).

Open from 8 AM to 12:30 AM (Saturday nite they are open till 2:30 AM), the oldest deli in Canada is located on the “Main” and their famous sandwiches includes no preservatives and smoked daily.

Recently, Schwartz’s expanded their legendary diner by adding the locale next door in order to have a take-out counter right on the sidewalk.

And if you want to sit inside, get ready to stand in line – they do not take reservation requests.

Le Pois Penche


After taking over the building, Peter Morenztos has brought Paris to Montreal with Le Pois Penché.

This two-floor Parisian style brasserie time warps you back to Paris circa 1940. You’ll find art on every wall, a gorgeous raw bar, a marble bar area with beautiful red chairs.

The crowd will be ultra-important Montrealers and the young professionals later on.

A wine-list to die for and a menu that changes with each meal of the day, Le Pois Penché is definitely a unique dining experience.

1230 De Maisonneuve, on the corner of Drummond St.


Some things in Montreal are better if they stay the way they were in 1942.

beautysThat’s the year Hymie and Freda Sckolnick decided to open a nice little eatery for the workers of the Plateau.

60-plus years later, nothing has changed except for the fact that Beauty’s is one of Montreal’s most famous restaurants.

Serving breakfast in a classic diner setting, Beauty’s got their claim to fame by substituting toast for bagels when you order breakfast. Celebrities love it, and so do Montrealers.

Located at 93 Mont-Royal West in the Plateau and open everyday ‘til 4pm during the week and 5 pm on the weekend.

Au Pied de Chochon

Located on Duluth Street a couple blocks east of St-Denis Street, Au Pied De Cochon offers Quebecois cuisine at its best. Based on the sugar shack, chef & owner Martin Picard is now an international celebrity with his own show on the Food Network, praise throughout media and a second establishment; La Cabane A Sucre (Sugar Shack) just north of Montreal.

Not the largest of restaurants, the dining room features table in the front of the restaurant, tables along the long wall facing the long Bar, and then more tables in the rear for larger groups.

The décor is simple and cozy, including wood accents and soft lighting. But none of this matters because the fine people of Au Pied De Cochon have the most incredible food ever!

First off, make sure to listen carefully to your server’s instructions of “Today’s Starters and Mains”. Second off, no matter what, make sure to try the Poutine Foie Gras. Definitely the greatest poutine in town.

For mains, the staple Au Pied De Cochon features some of the tenderest meat ever. Beware, heart attacks may occur upon completely finishing this dish! Duck In A Can is served… in a can! Bison Ribs will take you back to the Flinstones and the Happy Pork Chop requires a ladder to see the top of your plate!

For desserts, ask for the Pudding Chômeur and on different nights, you might be able to try the Maple Syrup Ice Cream with cotton candy. Oh my!

Make a reservation weeks in advance for larger groups right here with Montreal Nitelife Travel.

536 Duluth Est
 Montréal (Québec)
 H2L 1A9

Photo by eekim

The Top Things You Should Pay Attention to in Montreal

Regardless of what you do, your time in Montreal is probably going to be well spent. Whether you eat an abundance of deliciously prepared local cuisine, walk the streets of downtown Montreal, are here to take advantage of the grandiose grand prix weekend, or enjoy some of the great concerts and events that come through town, you’ll wind up leaving feeling like you’ve had the best vacation you could ask for.

Montreal offers no shortage of things to see and do, but there are some that are definitely worth doing more than others. Take a gander at what we’ve compiled for you to make sure you see the best sides of Canada’s greatest city!

Oh, and for you shopaholics, we threw in a little something special for you at the bottom.

Where to Eat

Liverpool House

liverpool_houseAfter Joe Beef received ridiculously good reviews around town, Owners Allison Cunningham, Frédéric Morin and David McMillan bring you Liverpool House, another gem diner in Little Burgundy minus the flare from downtown.

Unpretentious and cute, Liverpool House kicks the masses in the buttocks for the quality kitchen is outstanding and well presented. Seasonal ingredients add flexibility to their critically-acclaimed menu.

Get a reservation and truck on down to 2501 Notre Dame West.

Sir Winston Churchill’s Pub

photo by Anthony Branco ©2001-2009 Montreal Nitelife Tours Inc.

Happy Hour everyday. Yes, that’s right, Sir Winston’s (or Churchill’s or Winnie’s) has their wicked two-for-one drinks special everyday from 5pm to 8pm.

Walk-in on $2.50 Tuesdays and you’re sure to stumble out later on that night, as your drink of choice costs pocket change from nine to three all night long.

Sir Winston’s is the kind of place that fits into a sentence such as: “Yeah man, I met her at Sir Winston’s and we went straight to …”

Well known to be a pickup hotspot with their steady flow of cougars and university crowds, Churchill’s a must for anyone on Crescent.


f1000001_web_collaBuilt in 1904, McKibbin’s is located in a mansion on Bishop just north of Ste-Catherine street.

The St-Patrick’s Day party at McKibbin’s tops the list every March.

With three floors, big screens and tons of plasma TVs, McKibbin’s offers a vast array of sandwiches, salads and pies along with a kids menu .

There’s live music every night and their bar features all the brews and single malts one can fathom (kids menu not included, you bum).

Right up from Ste-Catherine Ste W. at 1426 Bishop.

Events and Parties to Watch Out For

Jazz Fest

Always a phenomenal show and a jumpin’ afte-party, Legendary montreal_nitelife_the_rootsPhilly Hip Hop Band The Roots will be in Montreal on June 30th @ The Metropolis. Looks like they got a night off from their daily gig on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Great!

quote from The Jazz Fest website:

“The Festival is proud to welcome a 3rd appearance by the greatest live hip hop band on the planet: The Roots! In this utterly unique hip hop, band members jam it out until the stage-and audience-surrender to the spontaneous joy-burst! Coming off their televised performance at the Vancouver Olympics, they return with and an 11th album to detonate, How I Got Over.”

Crescent Street’s Nitelife

When considering the multiple nightlife hotspots of Montreal, choosing the right outing really depends on the visitor’s preferred flavor. Montreal offers a unique twist to nightlife entertainment, as the city’s offerings come in both English and French.

Yet regardless of sector, street or style, the barmaids are always a standard part of Montreal’s dazzling décor.

As a haven for singles and couples alike, recognize that fast-times always live on Crescent Street.

Located in the western part of Downtown Montreal and known as the party-place for English Montreal, Crescent Street extends north south over three blocks from Sherbrooke (north) to Rene-Levesque (south).

Some say that what Crescent Street is for Anglophones is along the same path as what St-Denis Street’s Latin

Quarter is for the Francophone population.

photo by Anthony Branco ©2001-2009 Montreal Nitelife Tours Inc.

Encountering a group of Anglo-partygoers on St-Denis and French locals on Crescent is not a phenomenon, but when a small-street in the heart of Crescent’s party area is named after famous Montreal Gazette columnist Nick Auf De Mar (father of rock musician Melissa Auf de Mar)…it would be safe to say that English is the front-running language of the street.

Just think, if F1 driver Jacques Villesneuve named his Crescent Street resto/bar/club “Newtown” (French for Ville-Neuve), don’t you think he was trying to blend into the Crescent Street?

Go for a Walk!

Old Montreal


Why not stroll along in Old Montreal by calèche?!

And if horses ain’t your thing, maybe a Bixi bike is! And the best part about the Bixi is it’s  everywhere in Downtown Montreal!

McGill Street is reaaally nice in Old Montreal West. With Hotel St-Paul and several key restaurants in this area, nightlife has picked up quite a bit in the past couple years. Taking historical buildings and inserting modern interior designs really shows Montreal’s ability to mesh polar styles easily. We’ll be featuring tasty restaurants and bumpin’ hotspots in the Old Montreal West area.


And those benches in the pictures above were not adjusted to have those lighting effects. There’s a cool little square where these fluorescent lights keep changing… it’s awesome!

Downtown Montreal

Ste. Catherine is the line that connects all that embodies Montreal. Stretching from one side of the city to the other, it is the primary commercial artery of the downtown core. A walk from one end of Ste-Catherine to the other will have a tourist brushing up against almost every cultural community and district. It connects the grey to the grand, the business to the entertainment and the tourist to the action.


The downtown area of Ste-Catherine is the most dynamic area of Montreal. One of the reasons Montreal is so popular among tourists is because of the ease in which one can connect to their own personal flavor. Rue Ste-Catherine remains that connection.

Ste-Catherine is not only Montreal’s major street, but also a local pseudonym for ‘downtown.’ If you are “going down to Ste-Catherine’s,” Montrealers will immediately know you are going to shop, do business or head to work in the denser areas of the city.


The street itself is a huge one-way, stretching from the downtown core and sliding for most of the commercial sector of the island. The greater part of it is flanked by the comprehensive Metro system, which makes it quick to travel and easy to navigate.

When Montreal was built, Rue Ste-Catherine was definitely not a part of what anybody would call downtown. The busiest section of town was down on the old cobblestone streets of Rue St-Joseph, which you can still visit in Old Montreal.

 Where to Shop


BCBG is the ladies answer to elegant clothing and gowns along with f1000011_webtheir handbag and shoe collection.

Super-stylish and always with a sale-rack, ladies must walk in and see the latest collection from Max Azria. 

With two locations on Ste-Catherine Street West (960 and 1300).

 Urban Outfitters

f1010009_webAs one of the most popular urban retailers in the world, Montreal’s chapter of Urban Outfitters is a must with their two floors and tons of clothing, shoes and accessories.

This UO is a gem, as their selection is well-varied.

The furniture section is cozy and cool while you will always find some of the funniest gadgets and books as well. 

Located at 1250 Ste-Catherine St W.

Photo by Dougtone

Highlights from Montreal Nitelife Weekends

It’s always tough to know what’s in store when you party in a new city, but we’re willing to bring you into our den of partying and excitement ahead of time with a series of weekend highlights! Get lost in this highlights from real weekend events planned by Montreal Nitelife Tours!

 Highlight # 1

Hey everybody!

Hope you had a wicked weekend.

Montreal Nitelife Travel was kicking it all over Montreal for a BIG PARTY WEEKEND:

Montreal Nitelife VIP Agent #1:

“I had several groups in town, and we partied with them at several venues. For my Montreal Bachelor Party group “FEB20”, our guests were staying at the Quality Hotel, had a large group dinner at Firegrill (with our VIP reservation & discount package).

The highlight of our night was the VIP treatment at Chez Parée and no lineup access at Jet, where we had bottle service setup and ready for us by the time we were escorted to our table area.

Clients were extremely happy. My other two groups were happy too. A flawless party weekend!”

Montreal Nitelife VIP Agent #2:

“My largest group of 12 (seven girls, five guys) took some serious planning. Two birthday celebrations for this Montreal Party Weekend group “FEB19/20”, so we had two nights to make it rain. Friday night we went to Tonic Club Lounge, threw it down big time… Bottle service in the VIP booth and no lineup access for all 12 Montreal Nitelife partygoers.

On Saturday during the day, I had the guys bar-hopping on Crescent and Bishop Street to watch the Olympics while the girls went shopping with out Underground City discount cards.

They had dinner all together at Cibo & Vino on Saturday night with discount and reservations, and then I took them over to Ivy Nightclub on St-Laurent Boulevard where the remainder of the night is a blur! The tab would have been massive, but Montreal Nitelife hooked them up. Had they gone on their own, I doubt they would have had the same Montreal VIP treatment and service. Great group, lovely clients. Dinner at C&V was my highlight.”

Montreal Nitelife VIP Agent #3 (Mr. Experienced):

Friday I setup some skiing and snowboarding at Mont-Saint Sauveur with lift tickets and discount Montreal/Saint-Sauveur transportation. I had everyone back at the Westin Hotel (group of 8 NYCers, mid 20s professionals) wayyyy before midnight, and then I took them to dinner on St-Laurent at Globe, where some stayed the entire night, others strolled on up to Rouge and Koi Lounge. We ended the night at A Gogo’s Lounge. Perfect St-Laurent Blvd night.

Saturday night, my other group had dinner at BU wine bar, then hit up Macaroni Bar with bottle service and no lineup access. At 1:30 am, I swung by The W lounge to checkup on another group who were staying at the W hotel. Everything was perfect there, so I ended my night at Time Supperclub, where I partied with another Montreal Nightlife VIP Host and her group of nine girls from Toronto. They were money, so much fun.”

And that’s what a call A Perfect Montreal Nightlife Experience!

Highlight # 2

It looks like we’re gonna keep the Montreal Nitelife Travel Weekend Highlights!

mtl_nitelifeWith the steady emergence of Montreal Nitelife Travel’s Trip Builder, we are able to keep our Montreal Nitelife Travel guests super happy. Our Trip Builder allows partygoers to select all the options they want in their package when taking a trip to Montreal. At the same time, they can remove certain items in order to budget for everyone!

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #1:

“OK, I had three groups in town. Two were pretty much taken care as they had major Montreal daytime activities and had simple-planned evening including dinner at Montreal’s supperclubs and bottle service after dinner.

Now my third group was a bunch of ALL-STARS. Met them at the lobby bar at The W Hotel. We did an INSTANT round of shots to help kick off the party weekend. They wanted the bar scene, so we headed over to Crescent Street and hit up Happy Hour at Newtownand Thursday’s. The evening turned into clubbing time quickly and they walked over to Jet to finish off the nite with VIP entrance, guestlist and table reservation. Saturday they had dinner at Queue De Cheval, walked over to Wanda’s and then hit up St-Laurent Blvd for some Montreal Nightlife action at Ivy Nightcluband Le Rouge Bar. Sunday, they wanted to see the Plateau so went for coffee at Café Olympico and stuck around til lunch at the one and only, Schwartz’s Delicatassen. Awesome group.”

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #2:

Hey Hey, so I had four groups to take care of. Two groups were booked on the couples’ escape and only required my meet-n-greet on Friday evening. One couple was staying in Old Montreal at Hotel Place D’Armes, so most of their planned events/outings were in the Old Montreal area, including dinner at Gibby’s steakhouse and then checked out the Highlights Festival at the Quays of the Old Port. The other couples’ group (two couples) were staying at the Hilton Bonaventure, went for dinner at Milos on Friday, and I escorted them to La Croissanterie Figaro on Saturday Morning (I learned about this place through a cute girl I used to date and she worked there part time… I think every waitress ever hired has to be like movie-cute… because they all are). Saturday they checked out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

My party groups hit up Milsa on Bishop, the bars below Ste-Catherine on Crescent such as Hurley’s and Brutopia and then took a gorgeous SUV stretch limousine to the Casino of Montreal. I also had one bachelor party take over the VIP section of Club SuperSexewith more bottles and ladies than in the rest of the club!”

Montreal Nitelife VIP Agent #3 (Mr. Experienced):

“Have you ever been to the Scandinave Spa up at Mont Tremblant? How about trying to tie that into a Montreal Party Weekend package? Wow, I sure didn’t think I could have them up there all of Saturday and back in downtown Montreal for the Olympic Gold Medal hockey game. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Friday we went to dinner at Garde Manger and then had bottles at Santos Lounge. Saturday morning they somehow woke up on time and we brought them sandwiches from Olive & Gourmando. SUV rentals up to Mont Tremblant where they ski’d with afternoon passes and hit up the spa in the evening. Now that’s what I call hitting up Montreal with class and style!

Highlight # 3


Here we go again!

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #1:

“It’s always fun when you get a large Bachelor Party group flying in from Chicago. Two limousines picked up the 12 guys on Thursday afternoon. That night they wanted a little tour guide of Montreal’s downtown, so I hopped in one limo with the Bachelor and the group organizer and showed them around CrescentSte-Catherine and Mount-Royal’s lookout. Friday night, they had reservations at Med Bar + Grill for dinner. After dinner they took a limousine up St-Laurent to Solid Gold, and made it back for their bottle reservations (8 in total) at Med for 1 am!

Saturday they wanted to experience some Pubs during the later afternoon. I then met up with them for some entertainment back at the Bachelor Party Headquarters. Limousines picked us up, and brought us to Moomba Supperclub where dinner and 9 bottles of premium liquor were chilling on ice for my Chi-town guys.”

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #2:

“I had 5 groups in town, three from Canada (TO, Ottawa & Winnipeg) and another two from North-East US. Friday night, I pretty much went all over downtown catching up with my guests. I hit up Jet for VIP guestlist, same at Seven Nightclub, Tonic Club Lounge  and then I checked the biggest group of 9 partygoers who were loving the dance-offs at La Boom!

Saturday, I had two groups come in for one night party weekends with hotel. I met up with the girls Bachelorette Party group at Hotel St-Paul, took them to Garde Manger for dinner and then lots of shooters at Santos Lounge. My other group was on St-Laurent Blvd, having dinner at Buona Notte and bouncing around at the bar/lounges on the Main, including Rouge and Gogo’s. They really wanted to eat Montreal poutine at 3 am… so I brought them to La Banquise … heaven in a bowl!

Montreal Nightlife VIP Agent #3:

“Well, we had a group of hockey people in town for one of the scouts’ Bachelor Party. Friday night, we took them to watch the Montreal Juniors take on the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies at the Verdun Auditorium. Beer was definitely flowing, and once the game ended, we first hit up Burgundy Lion for some single-malts and then over to Chez Parée. Saturday, they went go-karting in the middle-afternoon, set them up for an early dinner at M:BRGR and then to the Bell Centre where the Habs beat the Bruins 3-2 in front of a sellout crowd. After the game, we bar-hopped near the Bell-Centre at Ye Olde Orchard, Hurley’sBrutopia and just as I thought we were done for the night, we then went to Stogies for some cigars. Great group, great stories and great times at MNT.”


Muzique Is A Must-See

One of the most popular go-to hotspots on The Main, Muzique is a fast-paced can’t-be-missed club with great DJs, an upbeat atmosphere, and beautiful people (especially the women) as far as the eye can see. Opened in 2009 and packed to capacity ever since, a bevy of models, actors and young financiers flock to this sophisticated venue every weekend to experience the city’s most extravagant and exclusive events. DJ Cava will perform at Muzique tomorrow with Paul Tirtirau, Goldenchild and Kidd. They also have a number of impressive in-house DJs spinning every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

alcohol photo

Photo by ambernambrose

There are places that can host the occasional party and then there are places like Muzique, which were made for the party scene. Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, student weekend getaways – any event that you can visualized a party for has a place at Muzique. Whether you’re want to go just for the music or for the full experience of being a club VIP, Montreal Nitelife Tours has your back and can help you get the experience you want from this incredible club.

And we can’t wait for summer to get here already – Muzique also has a fantastic rooftop terrace reserved for exclusive clients (like Montreal Nitelife Tours‘ guests – we’ve got you covered).

Photos courtesy of Muzique

Montreal: Perfect Bachelorette Party City!

Montreal’s unique position on the map gives it the label of a perfect spot to host a bachelorette party getaway. We say this because no matter where you are from, it’s always easy to come to Montreal and party. Quite frankly, though, even if it weren’t so accessible, it’s still the perfect city for a bachelorette weekend.

While guys can enjoy a time with a cooler full of brew and a few fishing rods, ladies don’t tend to go camping or rent cottages for Stag parties! They much prefer the glitz and glam, are always very thrifty and love to pamper themselves! What we’re saying is a girl’s night out is a stark difference from what you would expect from any bachelor party.


Montreal is less than a 6-hour drive from Southern Ontario, and even less from Tri-State Area and New England. The glitz and the glamour is definitely visible in Montreal, where you get European flavor and culture mixed in with that East Coast pace of life. Everything moves fast in Montreal, but doesn’t go without notice!

club drinks photoWith tons of great restaurants, Montreal also offers great supperclubs that cater to making the ladies in their venues feel extra special. Dinner is tasty and well presented, and the music is always geared towards getting the girlies to dance on the tables and create a dance floor anywhere in the place!

Getaways to Montreal are perfect for groups of ladies. The hotels in downtown Montreal offer the perfect amenities for ladies, and of course pricing is never over the top in Montreal. It’s a city that caters to all walks of life, whether you enjoy boisterous evenings on the town or quieter dinners with your closest friends and family.

“I don’t know why – but everything in Montreal seems less expensive than back home,” said Shannon K., 26 year old dental hygienist from Toronto in Montreal on a bachelorette party with 7 friends. “Even my old college friends that live here in Montreal were telling me what they pay for rent. I couldn’t believe it!”


Foodies, shoppers and partygoers all love Montreal. From a shopper’s stroll on Ste-Catherine Street on Saturday afternoon (don’t forget our Underground Malls) to a foodies heaven in the Plateau or Old Montreal West, you will have a great time.

And we didn’t even mention Club 281 nor Stock Bar, two locations that are going to take your bachelorette party to an entirely new level!

So be sure to book your Bachelorette Party package getaway and come get in on all the nightlife action in Montreal!

Montreal's Nightlife Experts! Travel and VIP Services for Bachelor Parties, Party Weekends and Trips to Montreal.