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Located in a building with Montreal history

Famous ninth floor keeps alive with Les Ailes

By : Adair MacGregor


Les Ailes de la Mode

677 Ste-Catherine W.

montreal nightlife photo
montreal nightlife photo
Originally a San Francisco company, Les Ailes de la Mode invested 100 million into turning the old Eaton’s into its proper home. At its opening in 2002, Montreal was astounded at the wide range of clothing and products offered: a striking cafeteria that serves a healthy portion, a do-it-yourself pottery section with its own kiln, a multitude of interior design products, not to mention an exhausting supply of high-end fashion.


Silk Melody

677 Ste-Catherine W.

Complex des Ailes houses one of the best stores for artistic silk purchases. Housed at the top of the complex, it carries a line of products so impressive that customers often stop and stare for several minutes. Basing their impressions on high-quality oil paintings and imprinting them on some of the finest silks money can buy, the combination is complicated enough that none of the items can be duplicated. Using digital methods, you can choose to imprint the silk product, be it handbags, shoes, sweaters, skirts, scarves, dresses and more, with any image you choose.


Tommy Hilfiger

677 Ste-Catherine W.

An ever-popular fashion powerhouse, this company has caused waves in both the fashion world and in popular tabloids for years. One thing is sure though, with its commitment to the care-free bourgeois aesthetic, the company has expanded over the years to become a staple in modern day fashion. Montreal’s store caters to the more upscale gentleman and lady looking for appropriate casual wear.



677 Ste-Catherine W.

montreal nightlife photo
A classy tribute to French music, this Quebecois power-company puts its competitor HMV on the run. With a much more relaxed atmosphere, personable staff and countless listening centres, the Archambault experience is ultimately refreshing. Don’t worry; they don’t only carry French music. You can find all your popular hits and your underground musical fetishes for a competitive price. Just ask the ‘monsieur’ behind the counter.



677 Ste-Catherine W.

It’s not very often you see a children’s company in a mall as elegant as Complex des Ailes. But after picking out a couple outfits for your child, you’ll see why it pays to shop at exclusive venues such as this. With a friendly bear mascot at the front, and a playhouse façade interior, your child will be entertained enough to allow you to pick out a couple new outfits before becoming disinterested.


Bubbles Coiffure Esthetic Elle et Lui

677 Sherbrooke W.

Don’t let the name fool you, Bubbles is a serious salon that is devoted to the highest quality of hairstyling. A growing regular stop for St-Laurent hipsters, the hairdressers are competent in either keeping your hair in a prim conservative bob, or letting it splay out on the edge. Remember to ask though—Montreal is known for its European-style cuts. To top it off, Bubbles is also home to the Oasis Esthetic Studio. Here you can get some inexpensive electrolysis, facials, manicures, and more.

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