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Eaton Centre

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Located at McGill Metro in the heart of downtown Montreal, the Eaton Centre is one of the longest-running establishments among its contemporaries. It is home to 175 different boutiques, and a food court of 32 restaurants. With four working floors and many more up top that occasionally open for business galas and art shows, the building itself attracts 19 million people per year.

If you’re going to the Underground City to eat, the Eaton Centre houses the biggest food court with a rousing delicatessen of favorite goodies. Highlights include Crepes de Gerard, who offers some inexpensive authentic French crepes, or the Rotisserie Adoree, which is thought by some to be the best rotisserie chicken in downtown Montreal. Sit back, relax and leave your bag under the chair. Montreal is used to its over-zealous shoppers, and we know where to put a comfortable chair where it’s needed.

If you’re looking for big retail brands, The Eaton Centre is hands-down the best place to go for those stores you’ve depended on for years. If that isn’t reliable enough for you, the Eaton Centre is the only place in Montreal that keeps its shops open till 9 pm every weekday all year long.


Montreal Eaton Center

705 Ste-Catherine W.

You can find it all

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