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The Montreal Bachelor Party: Who’s In Charge Of Paying For What?

A bachelor party  in Montreal costs money, but who’s in charge of paying for what? Is it the best man’s job to foot the bill, should the groom-to-be pitch in, and what is the responsibility of the other groomsmen?

Having to figure out the monetary issues of any sort of event can turn into an awkward affair, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve helped plan enough bachelor parties that we’re grown used to and have experience with how this sort of thing should be taken care of.

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One thing is for sure – more often than not, the man of the hour gets a free pass on most activities. Usually it’s the best man and his ushers who split the costs of the groom, and then they each pay their own way. However, here’s a handy hint – when you take advantage of Montreal Nitelife Tours’ group discounts, more often than not, the money you save is enough to cover the groom, so there’s really no extra money out of anyone’s pocket. Check out our handy TripBuilder for more info.

– Dinner: The groom-to-be’s meal should either be covered by his best man or by all of his groomsmen. Sometimes the easiest thing is to estimate what the evening will cost (our TripBuilder can do that for you too) and then collect a certain amount from guests ahead of time.  Try to get everyone on board for a classy place like Le Societe.

– Adult entertainment: We don’t care who pays for it, but the bachelor should most certainly not be paying for his lap dances. Drum up some funds for his amusement or, in a fun twist, you can have the groom “earn” money by making him do some ridiculous task and getting sympathetic onlookers to shell out some dough (look for a future article on some great suggestions to help the groom make money during his bachelor party).

– Drinks: Guys can take turns buying the guest of honour drinks and shots, or even rounds, but this is another area where the groom shouldn’t be reaching into his own pocket. Bottle service in Montreal is always more cost efficient, then purchasing individual drinks

– Activities: This is shaky territory – if the groom was the one who decided to spend an afternoon at the casino, then maybe the groomsmen can chip in to buy him some chips, but if he’s a hardcore gambler, then it shouldn’t really be anyone else’s responsibility to support his habit. He can pay for a few hands at the Black Jack table. For the more adventurous groups, options like formula one go karts, white water rafting, and paintball should be considered. If the groom’s requests are within reason, his fun should be covered by the groomsmen. Check here for a list of common Montreal bachelor party day time activities.

– Transportation: End the bachelor party right by getting the groom home in one piece – either foot the bill for a cab, or make sure there’s a designated driver who’s been chosen ahead of time to get him home safely. Don’t leave the man-of-the-hour to have to drunkenly pay for his way home – who knows where he’ll end up.

Planning a Montreal bachelor party and are afraid money is going to get in the way? We can help. Click here for more information.