Client Testimonials
testimonial Thanks for all your help this past week-end. We all had a great time!

Thanks again for introducing us to your fine city.

Let's keep in touch so I can show you the town the next time you're in NYC!

Best, quote
Sunny M., NYC
testimonial First of all I would like to thank you for putting forth such an amazing event that I will trully remember. The hotel was fantastic, the clubs were amazing, and the people were fun!!! I would like to ask about your spring break packages as i would like to return as well as some friends as i showed them pictures of our trip. Thanks again for the fantastic time, and a wonderful event as Carm, and i will charish forever... Thanks and happy new year!!! quote
Mike, Toronto
testimonial yooo sup Adriano..Thanks for the call man, I had a blast in montreal. karmasutra was decent man, good call on that place. its not quite as good as Solid gold in my book but my best friend loves it and thats all that matters. thanks again for the awesome job you did. We'll definitely talk soon ! quote
Rick from Jersey
testimonial The weekend in Montreal was great with no problems. The service that (MNT) provided us was excellent, from directions to club choice. The hotel that you chose for us was beautiful. Everything in Montreal went smoothly beacuse of the services that Montreal Nightlife Tours provided. We plan on visiting Montreal again and I will defiently be booking the trip through you guys. Thanks for the great time!!!! quote
testimonial just wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazing weekend! The girls and I raved about what an awesome time we had! I'd never been to Montreal before and this was truly a phenomenal experience! We had discussed going to Vegas for my stag ... but I'm not sure if we could have had a better time there because this weekend would be hard to top! Hands down to Robina! With the help of you she managed to organize a weekend that will be hard to top!

It was just my style .... Fun but tasteful and classy! We had a great time meandering through Old Montreal. My experiences at ( ) (how the hell do you spell it!) and ( ) will be cherished! I've been raving about my weekend since I got back.

A friend of mine, A--- R----- will be getting in contact with you to arrange his buddy's stag in August.

Thanks again for making it a memorable weekend!!!

Take Care quote
Mandy R., Toronto, Canada
testimonial Angelo,

Just wanted to say thanks again...Everyone enjoyed themselves, most importantly my cousin, the bachelor...Your company's services will come highly recommended by myself and the entire group...Great city, great time
Pat- Connecticut group for the bachelor party
testimonial Thanks Angelo and it was really nice to meet you!

We all had a Great Time and I'm very happy that I used Montreal Nite Life for our last minute trip! Everything worked out and you made everything very easy. I will definitely be using the service again next time I come up to Montreal!

Ankur- last minute Montreal bachelor party July 2010
testimonial Angelo

Thanks for everything, you were money on the spots u suggested and we all had a great time. We'll let you know when our next trip out there will, thanks dude.
Paolo, May, Boys Night Out
testimonial Hey Daniel,

The guys and I wanted to thank you for taking care of us at Opera on Saturday night. Everyone had a great time. I am still piecing together parts of the evening (which is a good sign) and from what I remember, I had a great time as well.

Cheers and hope to cross paths again next time I'm in Montreal (or if you're ever in Toronto).
Derek- Toronto, Ontario
testimonial Thanks so much for all you did for us this past weekend. Everyone had a great time. I look forward to our next encounter with each other.

Thanks so much Johnny.
Bachelor Party
testimonial Hi Anthony,

The night turned out really fun - very gorgeous girls at Med. Solid Gold was a blast too, our boozing definitely set the tone. Thanks for your help and will definitely keep you in mind for any future Montreal visits - hopefully next time we'll do the planning a bit in advance as well.

Thanks man,
Mikeyyy- Bachelor Party in montreal, July
testimonial You guys are the shit. I plan on writing a real refferral later one day.. but you guys did a hell of a job. the entertainment was SICK. those girls are good.. real good. lots of fun and more than ive seen at any party here. ive been to a bunch too.. i will definitely recomend you to anyone any time i hear of a bachelor party. the bachelor LOVED it.. the cheap guys were happy. the guys with money were happy. even the guys hwo dont party so hard had a blast. good shit. You can use this if you want. i would edit it.. spell some things right.. now if you can get the border guys to chill the f*** out id come back. quote
Joe, NYC
testimonial Anthony,

Thank you so much for your help this weekend! The clubs you suggested were everything we were looking for to have a great time! The service was excellent and we will be sure to recommend your company to anyone who is planning a trip to Montreal. Once again, thanks so much, we had an unforgettable weekend. Nice meeting you! Take Care.

Sonia- Party Weekend
testimonial On behalf of the group, we Thank You for a great weekend.

This weekend ran smoothly because of your help. The rooms were great and the fridge only kept beer cold. PERFECT! I can honestly say that no one was disappointed with the strip club or the restaurants we ate at. ( ) was FANTASTIC and we all enjoyed the talent FILLED environment.

Well done and Thank you again. I will not hesitate to refer people I know to you and your service. quote
Mike W., NYC
testimonial I wanted to thank you again for all your assistance in helping me plan such an amazing weekend in Montreal. Scott had a great time as did the rest of the fellas! All of our reservations worked our perfectly and we hit all the best spots on all the best nights. We couldn't have asked for a more perfectly planned bachelor party!

I will definitely refer any friends to utilize your services in the future! In face we had such a great time in Montreal that many of us are thinking of coming back again next New Years in another big group!

I'll keep in touch and definitely give you a buzz if we decide to take a weekend trip up to Montreal in the near future to party again for a long weekend! Also, please feel free to contact me if you plan to come to New York City, I would enjoy the opportunity to return the favor to you and your friends!

Thanks again for everything! quote
Pat G. NYC
testimonial I would just like to thank you for organizing this New Year's Party in Montreal. Everyone in our group had an amazing time, and everything went flawlessly. It was a pleasure working with you, and hopefully we will do this again in the coming years.

Thanks for the great time, quote
Rob, Toronto
testimonial You made this a very memorable trip, and I can say on behalf of all the guys, we all had a blast!

Great job on the last minute rafting reservations, I know we kind of put you on the spot for arranging our entertainment. The restaurant was a great pick for our group. They set up a huge table to accommodate all 18 of us, and the food was fabulous.

Everyone fully enjoyed the bachelor show that you set up as well.

Every time I go to Montreal, I seem to have a great time. But, this trip was definitely a big step above the rest. I will highly recommend you and your company to all my friends in the future. And the next time we have a gathering in your great'll be the first to know!!

Thank you again and I hope to see you soon quote
Mark, Toronto
testimonial that was one of the funnest weekends i've ever had. keep up the awesome work and i will highly recommend you to anyone that is going to montreal to party.

thanks! quote
testimonial Hi montreal nightlife,

We had an awesome weekend! So glad I found you on the internet. We would have been clueless otherwise. Even the "older" kids in the group had a great time. All of your suggestions were perfect and everyone had a blast. Next time we're staying longer--the trip was definitely too short! And we were a little tired on the ride home considering we didn't get in on Sunday morning until 5:00 am and had to be at the bus station at 9:30 am. Montreal does not sleep and they know how to party!

Thanks for all of your help. It was well worth it!
Beth- bachelorette party in montreal P.S. I still want your job!
testimonial Hey Angelo!

Thank you very much for, again, another great time spent in Montreal, we're definitely going to come back soon. This bachelor party was even better than the one 5 weeks ago.

Once again, thank you for everything, you guys are the best!

See You Soon!
Nick- the bachelor party crew from Brooklyn, new york
testimonial Hey,

Just wanted to thank you again for a great night. All was great and all the guys appreciated their night. For sure I will be refering you guys for anybody having bachelor parties or other events in Montreal.

Thanks again and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
André- Bachelor Party Canada Day long weekend
testimonial Angelo,

Great job on the service this weekend and I'm sure I will end up calling you again in the future. We had an absolute blast (xyz Rocks)..!! I will definitely refer your service to some friends of mine that are looking to go to MTL for a good time.

James, Calgary
testimonial Hey Montreal Nightlife,

Just wanted to thank you again for your help in a great weekend.

I''d be more than happy to fill out a survey or leave an official comment of appreciation.
Jimmy- Montreal bachelor party, September
testimonial Hey Angelo,

It was a pleasure meeting you and working with Montreal Nite LIfe tours. I had a great experience and have zero regrets booking with you guys. Alejandro (I think that was his name) was awesome. You guys all around were great.

The show at Solid Gold was amazin. I found my future wife there buddy. lol

The restaurants were amazing.

If only we had a smaller group we could go to those lounges. And thanks again for a great weekend.
Andrew, April Bachelor Party in Montreal
testimonial I just wanted to thank you for one of the best experiences I have ever had! The entire weekend went off without a hitch, and that is very impressive considering a parties size. (15) Your professionalism and accommodations were outstanding; and I will in the future recommend your services to anyone traveling to Montreal. Thanks again for a memorable experience! quote
testimonial Thank you very much! Everyone had a wonderful time and the one thing they would change is to come for two days instead of one!! Which I suggested in the beginning, but everyone was so skeptical. Now they all love you and all had a great time. You should come to Oneonta. It's not Montreal, but it can be a good time... I along with the other girls and guys will definitely refer you to other groups! You put together a great weekend. I will talk to you soon!! quote
Valery G., Oneonta University, NY
testimonial Hi, this is from Mariam and Ricardo (the couple who got their room really really late...not sure how else you will remember). We just wanted to say this is our second year on the trip and we enjoyed ourselves even more than the previous year. It was fabulous!!! Everything was punctual, the clubs were amazing, rooms were good and service was excellent. You guys are great hosts and really showed us a good time. Also, the tour was reallyyy worth it and fun. Anyway thanks again for an amazing year!!!
Take care and hope to see you both soon.
Ricardo and Mariam quote
Ricardo and Mariam, Toronto
testimonial The entire weekend was well planned and there were plenty of options made available to us thanks to yourself and the rest of Montreal Nitelife Tours. From the limo at the airport to the reservations at great hotels and restaurants, no details were overlooked. I will surely forward your information to my friends and give you a call myself if and when I return to Montreal. What a great city...

Thanks again and let me know if you make it to Florida first...
Charles, Orlando, Florida
testimonial Thank you so much for the great experience. We all truly enjoyed it. It was definitely one of the best bachelorette parties we've been to. You definitely made me look good :) I will definitely forward this along. Thanks again for all your help. quote
Annette- the crazy bachelorette party from Miami!!!
testimonial I would like to thank you for all your help planning our trip, you and your glorious team did extremely well, and we all have the time of our lives this New Years Eve! I know how difficult it is trying to make everyone happy, thats my job too. I really never let hard work go unappreciated, so thank you and thank everone else at Montreal Nitelife Tours for yet another incredible job on keeping your customers satisfied. Keep up the good work, see you next year! quote
testimonial I was very happy with everything you did for us and I will let anyone I know going to Montreal about your service. Both of the restaurants were very good too.

Pictures were not taken to protect our homelives!

Thanks for everything, quote
Michael, Boston, MA
testimonial Montreal nightlife,

Montreal was great. Lost a few things along the way (i.e. My cell phone, left my ID and CC at Opera) but s'all good.

Thanks for the great suggestions and being accomodating, everyone loved Globe. You were on the ball with the Glamazons.
The theme of the weekend appeared to be Octopu$$y. Hah,
I will never forget that 20-9 ratio.

Sorry about not providing the commentary, but I don't think I (or others) were verbally competent at that point.

I have already forwarded the info. to the rest of the group.
I'll definitely be passing on your services.

Jo, Bachelor party in Montreal, July
testimonial Montreal Nitelife,

everything was perfect man! My girlfriend loved it and everybody had a fantastic time. We will definitely be using your services again. Everything went off without a hitch!

Thanks again
testimonial hey Daniel just wanted to say thanks.. everyone had a great time and the club was really good with the bottle service.

thanks again
Craig- Bachelor Party June
testimonial Hey i just wanted to thank you, daniel, and johnny for everything. We had a great time and we're definitely coming back soon. :) quote
John, Party Weekend in Montreal- February 14th, 2010
testimonial Hey dan we had an awesome weekend in montreal and we all thought you did a great job planning our weekend so thanks alot! we'll def recomend you to friends quote
Sean - bachelor party
testimonial We had a fantastic time. You were completely worth the money. I've attached the updated survey. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Many stories were born this weekend.

Sincerely, quote
Gregg T., Boston, MA
testimonial You, Max, and Dean were VERY helpful this weekend and we had a blast at all of the clubs we went to. We were all very impressed by the work you guys did for us, and the clubs you set us up at. Thank you very much for your help and if we ever come back to Montreal, you will be the first person I call. Thanks again. quote
Anthony (NY)
testimonial Good meeting with you. We had a GREAT time this weekend and could not have done it without your team. I'll pass your contact info along to the rest of the group. If any of us have any bachelor parties coming up in MTL we will be sure to get in touch with you. Thanks again, man! quote
Michael, New York
testimonial Daniel,

Over the weekedn everyone has contacted me to say we shoud do it exactly the same like once a monh or two. You will be hearing from me and I can't say how perfect everything was.

The only complaint everyone had was that it passed way too fast. It was asthough we walked in the club and came out two minutes later. Time flies when your having fun. Like I said probably end of may or beginning of june we will set this up again. At wrst my birthday is in july so at latest...

Oh and by the way our limo driver was awesome. agreed to pick us up whenever we wanted and gave us extra time at the end that we had not used at the begining to include extra stops and bring everyone home. I can only hope we would end up with the same one. Unfortunately i dnt remember his name as i may have been a little drunk. If you could let me know so i canrequest him next time this would be perfect. (for him too because he said he lives 5 minutes from my house and so was happy we were his last stop because he never gets to be home 5 min after last dropoff). So like i said if yo know who it was let me know.

Thanks Again From All Of Us
testimonial Hi guys,

Thanks again for all of your help. You made the party a great success and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to throw a bachelor party in Montreal!
Mark, September
testimonial Thanks for everything man! We all had an unforgettable time!

I'm sure people we know will want to hit Montreal after all the stories we tell them and I'll be sure to mention your services!

Thanks again, quote
Shoney, Baltimore, MD
testimonial Daniel,

All thanks goes to you and everyone at montrealnitelife. We all had a blast and there's already talk of setting up yearly weekend trips up to Montreal. I'll get this email out to the other guys for sure.
Thanks again and continued success up there.
Paul, bachelor party montreal, May
testimonial We had a great time. Best bachelor party to date.
Cheers, quote
Corey, NYC
testimonial Hey Daniel,

We def had a great sloppy time this weekend. It was well worth the program and meeting you as well. Thank you and we look forward to coming again maybe in the spring. I will keep you updated!
Dana- Bachelorette Party in Montreal
testimonial Anthony,
It was a memorable time! You're timing was always perfect.
Will be in touch--tell Angelo that we we all had a great party!

Globe was a small piece of heaven!
testimonial Your service and assistance in helping organize the weekend was valuable and I would recommend you to any and all who plan on having bachelor parties in Montreal. That I can guarantee.

Friday night went off without a hitch and we all had a great time. A little too much of a great time which resulted in exhaustion the next day, which caused it to be just average. No fault of your own.

Cheers, quote
Vikas, PA
testimonial Angelo, thanks a lot for helping me setup what turned out to be a great weekend! quote
Ray Y., Chicago Ill
testimonial We all had an awesome time! The two single fellas with us are more than a little interested in going back to Montreal with you guys when it is their turn to tie the knot.
We'll be recommending you to everyone else too.
Thanks again for the great time! quote
testimonial Daniel

On bahalf of my entire group we were VERY pleased with you guys. The groom said jumping the line was his favorite part he thought that was really nice. He enjoyed the cubans. Most places let us in no problem with the card. Your recommendations were on point

Over all it was a great experience. Thank you very much.
Maurice, Montreal bachelor party
testimonial Hi Adriano,

Much thanks to you and Angelo for a perfectly-planned bachelor party weekend! We'll defintely look you up when we're back in Montreal.

Take care,
Omar- bachelor party
testimonial You've got a good thing going there. I will definitely refer my friends to you. There is not much I can think of that can be improved on. I was impressed by your level of service. The clubs we did attend had our names ready and the entertainers were very good.

We really enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks, quote
testimonial Hey! we are having so much fun and are enjoying our nite. thank u for all ur help! u did a great job putting our package together. U guys are the best! quote
Nicole, Montreal Bachelorette Party
testimonial My girlfriend and I had a wonderful experience the Sheraton Centre Hotel was just incredible and I will definitely do this again. I appreciate all your help in answering all my questions and concerns and trying to make my weekend as enjoyable as possible. I would recommend your service to other people as well as caution them with the extra costs involved but your company was great and would have no problem telling people to book with you. Thanks again and I look forward to booking future trips with you

Happy New Year, quote
Jordan, Toronto
testimonial It's Crazy from Tim's Party last weekend.

I am just writing to say thank you very much and that you did a great job. I had nothing less than a great time. The places you suggested were excellent from the steak house to the strip joints. I will definitely keep your name handy. Thank you again and take care. quote
testimonial We just wanted to thank you very much for everything you and your staff did to make our experience go as smoothly as it did. Next time we come up to Montreal, it will definitely be with you guys again.

Thanks and Happy New Year, quote
testimonial I just want to say THANK YOU for everything that you did for Cris's Bachelorette party. Our group will not stop talking about you and how much fun we had thanks to you! Cris said, and I quote, "this was THE BEST night out that I have EVER had"...and we have had MANY MANY nights that is HUGE! The place that you sent us for dinner was FABULOUS...from the food and entertainment to the service. We just LOVED
every second of it. When you met us and PERSONALLY took us to one of the night clubs you suggested, we were floored! That was SO awesome!! That club was just what we were looking for! The evening couldn't have been better and that is all THANKS to you! I am spreading the word that MONTREAL NITELIFE TOURS and YOU are the ONLY way to go when booking a weekend away! Our group is already buzzing about another time that we
could come down and PARTY and we will be calling YOU! Thanks AGAIN for everything. You were FABULOUS!
testimonial Montreal was great and we really appreciate all of the assistance you and your staff gave to us in planning the weekend. The deals with the clubs were excellent and the accommodations were incredibly reasonable. Next time we come up, we'll definitely be in touch with you all again. quote
testimonial Hey,

Thank you and Daniel for great weekend. I couldn't have asked for a better company to handle my bachelor party. I will be referring your company to all my friends planning trips to Montreal. Thanks again.
Mandla, bachelor party from new york city
testimonial Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you again what a great time we all had this weekend. Your recommendations were great and I'm very happy I decided to use your service. If I ever trick some girl into marrying me, I'll definitely push for a bachelor party in Montreal. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Thanks, quote
testimonial Montreal Nitelife,

Thanks again for all your help. We had a great night out. I'll definitely recommend the business to friends and keep you in mind for future visits. Thanks again,

Kris, Bachelor party in Montreal
testimonial Thanks again - we had a blast. Here is my feedback on the specific activities:

Hotel -- Loved it. The suite was better than expected.

Favors - we really appreciated the cigars, bottle of vodka, discount cards and other hook-ups. That surpassed my expectations.

Go-Karts - We had a blast.

Restaurant -- exactly what we were looking for.

Bars -- All the bars you recommended were just what we were looking for. Great advice.

Gentlemen Clubs -- We went to (xxx), (yyy) and (zzz).

Paintball -- Great time, no complaints.

Massage -- This was well worth the money. She was on time and she was great both days.

Live Show in Hotel Suite -- these girls were great. They were pretty much on time and seemed into it, we had a blast.

(xxx) -- Surpassed expectations. Great suggestion.

That's it, thanks again. quote
Dave, New York City
testimonial Nice meeting you this weekend. We had a great time but I know I'm paying for it today. I've been in a daze and drooling on my keyboard all day...

I've been to quite a few bachelor parties over the years and this was by far the best one yet. Thanks for all your help and I'll give you a buzz next time I'm in town. Feel free to do the same if you are ever in NYC. quote
Mike G., NYC
testimonial We all had a blast this past weekend and thank you for arranging all the events for us. I think all the boys are still recovering today, I haven't heard a peep from anybody since we came back.

By the way, (...) was amazing!! Thank Demari (our waitress) for taking care of us that night if you happen to see her. And once again, thank you for everything. I will pass your note on to the rest of the crew. I will definitely be passing some business your way for anybody traveling to Montreal and we will definitely be hooking up with you the next time were down. Your going to have to join us for one night the next time around --- we owe you a drink!!

Cheers, quote
testimonial I can't speak on anyone else's behalf, but I know that I found your services to be great. You were very helpful in answering all my questions. I would definitely use your services in the future as I have been telling my friends about our amazing time in Montreal and a lot of them want to head out to Montreal to party.

Take Care quote
testimonial It was a pleasure working with you while creating this memorable weekend. Everything worked out perfectly. Erick, as well as the rest of the guys, were very pleased with the outcome. There was not one minute they didn't enjoy. I was also glad that you were able to party with us on Friday & Saturday night. The bottle of Moet was a nice touch.

I will definitely refer you to all bachelor parties that come my way. It was a good thing I came across your website.

If you ever come to the NY/NJ area, give us a call. We will be glad to hang out with you and show you around.

Again, I would like to personally thank you for a job well done. quote
Jovenial L. NYC/ NJ
testimonial Hey ,
It was definitly the best weekend I ever had!!! The atmosphere was just right n the clubs were ok but I still enjoyed them with liquor in my system!!! Over all the trip was a success n I loved every second of it..Thank you guys soo much for showing us a MONTREAL NITE LIFE..were def gonna go a again and now we know who we partying with..

Thanks again!!!
Tell the guys I said hi (daniel n anthony) ciao
testimonial Thank you so much Daniel!!

Couldn't have made this weekend possible without your help. Everyone had an amazing time.
And I will be defiantly referring everyone to Montreal Nitelife for the best Montreal experience.

Thanks again.
Karthika Bachelorette Party-Canada day long weekend
testimonial Daniel,

Thank you, the trip was a great time and your suggestions were very helpful. We hope to return sometime soon.

Thank you.
Drew- this bachelor party was better than our las vegas bachelor party!
testimonial It was a pleasure working with you. Your assistance in planning was crucial--there's no way I could have pulled it off without you. The rooms were great, the girls were great, Dean--great. Everyone had a terrific time, were very happy with your services. Thanks again, and I will recommend you to anyone who is planning a similar trip to Montreal in the future.

P.S. Loved the show on Saturday. quote
Aaron, Washington, D.C.
testimonial We all had an excellent time this past weekend even though we had all that rain on Saturday. We particularly enjoyed (...). That was the best all around experience. The food was excellent, the service was excellent and so were the waitresses. The Jazz festival was a nice experience and so was the Brazilian festival. The entire weekend went off without a hitchMembers of our group were very happy with your suggestions for activities and with people you introduced them to. Montreal will definitely be on my list of cities to visit again and we will definitely contact you when we do. We wish you continued success with what you do. Thank you for the wonderful weekend. quote
Len, Rob, Ken, & Antonio
testimonial Hi Anthony -

Just wanted to say thanks - the girls had an excellent time this past weekend and all the thanks go to you! You should give special props to Angelo - the spa dude! They hooked it up real nice even though I know it was short notice for them.

Thanks again for all your help! We had a blast.
Beth May, bachelorette party montreal
testimonial i can't thank you enough for the weekend organization. i'm back in atlanta, and i'm cramming for exams, when all i can think about is dancing all night with beautiful canadians! i'm not sure if you've ever dealt with customers from atlanta, but your network just grew to georgia. i'll definitely be back, and i'll suggest it to every one of my close friends.

take care and let me know if you're ever in atlanta. quote
testimonial thank you soo much. You were such a big help with my party weekend trip in Montreal. We appreciate everything. quote
Brian, Montreal Weekend
testimonial Hello Angelo,

Thought I would give you an update about (nightclub). I recall you wanted to find out how it was. It was amazing! The music was amazing. RandB, Hip hop and Oldschool. I dont think I heard house. The age group was a little young on the main level, but when we went upstairs it was much older crowed. A lot of MOntreallers were there. It was so much fun. I would recommend you putting this back on your site next Year. We also wanted to thank you for the suggestion of Bueno Nottre (can't spell) we had such an amazing time there!

A crappy ending of New Years eve though. No taxi's at all. We ended up walking home from the club to the hotel, which wasn't pretty. But it made it intersting. We have already planned our next trip back to Montreal in July.

Thanks again and I hope you New Years was a blast! Did you end up going to any of your parties on your site?
testimonial Can't thank you guys enough for setting up a great weekend...everything went very smoothly and was as good as we had hoped. You guys did a great job and everyone at the party will recommend you to anyone looking for a great time in Montreal. Thank you for everything...Pete

Thank you very much for making arrangements for an outstanding weekend. I
think that we all had a real blast. I will certainly contact you next time I am going to Montreal with a group. quote
Brandon, CT
testimonial Thanks for everything Angelo. We had a great time in Montreal. The (...) was perfect, and the rate was outstanding. The restaurant on Saturday, (...) (something like that), was a fantastic choice! I will recommend you to others, and we will definitely use you again, next time we plan to travel to Montreal.

Take care and all the best, quote
testimonial Hi guys!

On behalf of the whole crowd, I would like to thank you for all that you have made possible this weekend. This was definitely one of the most memorable weekends of our lives and sets a precedent for other parties. Thank You Both Very Much!
Brooklyn 10- Bachelor Party in Montreal, March
testimonial Adriano -

Thank you so much for your help. Everyone in the group was very happy with the service.

We were also very happy with everything that you did!

Everything worked out perfectly!

David- bachelor party
testimonial Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your hospitality. We all had an amazing time. We actually purchased a brick at the Bell Center for there new centennial memorial walkway they are building. We plan to make this trip an annual experience to visit the brick. It reads "Kane Stag Party 2009" if you ever come across it. I am sure we will be in contact again.
Brian- Montreal bachelor party
testimonial Hey Adriano,
Just wanted to let you guys know that this weekend was a success and everyone had a blast!!!
Well done and for sure i'll recommend you guys to other people I know..
Thank alot!!!!
Stéph- Bachelor Party in Montreal March
testimonial I think I can speak for all the girls when I say that we had a blast for the bachelorette party and Di was so pleased with our plans. Our favorite part ( ) - you were right about it... such fun. There were other parties going on there so it made the night all the better!

I want to thank you for being such a huge help with our planning- as you know, I had never been to Montreal and would've been planning completely unaware of the great places to go!

Thanks again, and talk to you soon! quote
testimonial (The entire group) all had great things to say
about the trip and I'm sure you'll be getting many referrals for years to come as most of us, like myself won't be settling down for a long time.

The main thing is that the bachelor said, "it was best time ever". Personally, I was so impressed with the city as a whole, that I have a trip planned with some of my crew that you haven't met, sometime this summer. Hopefully we can get together when I revisit.

Thanks again for everything quote
Brandon, New Hampshire
testimonial Thank you again. We had a blast! I will definitely refer my friends to you guys.

All the best quote
Will, San Francisco
testimonial We had a great time in Montreal. You guys were by far the best choice for tour companies. My friends stayed with (...), and not only did they pay more, they had muc more strict policies and timelines. I thank you for taking the time to call the bus company Thursday morning to make sure everything was running smoothly. I am definately booking with you guys again for next year and hopefully maybe even as soon as march break and referring friends to book with you guys.
Thanks again for an awesome weekend, quote
Brittney, Ontario
testimonial awesome time bro, will definitely use you guys again quote
Eric- party for the bachelor
testimonial Angelo,

I will most definitely refer you guys.

thanks for your help this past weekend.

Jason , NYC bachelor party
testimonial Thanks alot. Everyone had a great time this past weekend and survived. That place Buona Notte was ridiculous. I actually have a friend that is having a bachelor party in montreal within the next 2 months. I will definitely recommend you guys. Thanks.

testimonial Thanks again, we had a great time and we will definitely refer your services to our friends :) The bachelor didn't get as wild as we had hoped, I'll have to return next time with some harder partying friends, haha.

we really did have a great time. Al the restaurants were great, and you guys weren't lying about xxx!
Ron, Montreal Bachelor Party, April
testimonial Hey Daniel,

Was definately a blast, I was really glad that i booked this through you guys, the group was happy that everything was preplanned and that nobody had to sit there and figure things out. I will definately recommend you guys to anyone that is planning a trip to Montreal.

Also, if you are coming down to the States (NYC), give me a buzz and we'll go party it up here.

Thanks for the great service!
Manny- Bachelor Party
testimonial We had a great time. I had no idea that Montreal was so liberal. You have a great city, and a great business model. We did not run into any problems at any of the sites we visited. We stuck to many of your recommendations, and had just an awesome time. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know heading to Montreal. Thanks for your help. quote
testimonial I wanted to thank you for an awesome New Years get-a-way. We all enjoyed the vacation, and unlike the other tours we felt like we had a lot of freedom. I obviously do not have any negative feed back, all possitive. It was an amazing trip. We met new friends, partied and shopped.
So thanks again for a good trip. We look forward to planning our next trip with you. lol quote
Mattie, Hamilton, Ontario
testimonial Thanks again. The only way I can sum it up is to say that I wish we could do it all over again this coming weekend.

Merci beaucoup, mon ami quote
William E., Washington, D.C.
testimonial Hi Daniel and Adriano,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help in organising this bachelor party. It was a real success and it couldn't have been done without your help. We'll pass the word around, great work. We've got two other bachelor parties coming up (including my own)...
Thank you,
Phil Bachelor Party in Montreal- April
testimonial Hi Daniel

The trip was fantastic and I would be glad to be a reference for your company if you need any in the future.
Jon- student group in Montreal
testimonial I needed to tell you how fabulous you are! We had such an amazing time right from the get-go!

Everything with the hotel was great, and we loved the restaurant - good stuff all around! We loved where you recommended to go out at night and DAMN did I ever feel like a lucky girl when you saved us from waitingout in front of that club and took us someplace exciting! We are all recommending you to everyone we know!!!!! Thanks for all you did, we
really appreciated it and had a time we won't forget!! Thanks
testimonial We had a blast.

We can't wait to get back there. I'm sure you'll be seeing us again. The city is awesome. quote
Alex P., NYC
testimonial Thanks very much, we all had a terrific time and continued partying in AC! It was a memorable trip...

I appreciate all your help - you are excellent at what you do and I hope the business does well for you!

Thanks quote
Andrew B., NYC
testimonial Hello,

How are you? I just wanted to thank you for all your services! We all had a great time overall! We weren't to thrilled with Orchard but Lite was pretty good!! Thank you so much for everything! And please let me know what site I can go to for the Miami packages. I plan to go to Miami next end of July or beginning of August. Your services will be greatly appreciated! Thank you once again!
Shahiba :o) Montreal bachelorette party
testimonial Adriano,
Thanks for a great weekend! Everyone had a great time! Sorry that my group could be tough to work with.
Pat - Bachelor Party June
testimonial Anthony,

Again thanks for a great time we had a blast (especially the bachelor). I have told a bunch of co-workers about your services and listed below is one who is in the process of setting something up. Below is contact information which I know you got from the trip builder but I just wanted to pass it along to you so you knew that he was going off of what I told him in regards to what a great job you did with our party.

Have a great one and talk with you soon.
testimonial Hey Adriano,

I just wanted to send a big thank you to you and Angelo for setting up the F1 weekend for us. With such a large group of 23 people, I really don't know what we would have done without you guys. I will be sure to recommend anyone I know going to Montreal to go through your company.

Ketan- Montreal F1 Grand Prix June
testimonial Sorry it's taking so long to get back to you. Just trying to get back into the groove after an amazing weekend. I wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job. Everything went as smoothly as we could've asked for. Keep up the good work - looks like you've got a great company on your hands. Who knows, maybe one of my boys will step up to the plate in the next 5 years and we'll meet again. Best of luck with everything. quote
Buck S., NYC
testimonial Angelo,

Well - your no Adriano, but you rock as well!

Thanks again - the girls can't stop raving about what a great weekend we had! My sister just got her voice back yesterday after screaming all night at Rouge! You guys did an excellent job. thanks again.
the fun keeps going... bachelorette party in montreal
testimonial It was truly an amazing weekend. I am still reeling
from it.

The show was awesome. all that we possibly expected and more. Definitely the highlight of the weekend.

great restaurant and great service and food. would go back there again.

We never ran into any lines or cover charges at all at any of the bars, clubs, or strip clubs we went to.

As for your own service, I thought you did a good job from the beginning through the end. I do have to say that you were always more than accomodating on the phone whenever I called about anything over the course of the weekend.

In general, Angelo, a phenomenal weekend.

I would gladly recommend your services to friends of mine planning a bachelor party in Montreal. In fact, I already have and I hope they decide to use your service. quote
testimonial Hi Adriano,
Everyone had a blast thanks for the great service.
Geoff- April Montreal Bachelor Party
testimonial Dan-
Thanks for everything. The weekend was a blast. Everyone has an amazing time and I am sure you will see some repeat business from us in the future. Some of us went across the street to the Irish Pub and had an awesome night listening to some live music and drinking some beer. They had an amazing selection of beer on tap!) Awesome time.
Rick- Bachelor Party July
testimonial Hey guys,
sorry i didnt get in touch with you sooner, as you already know, i'm not the best with computers! i can't thank you enough for all your help and patience the past few months in planning this trip for us. we had a blast!!!! words cannot express how much fun we had and how happy we were with everything! it was so nice meeting you after all this time! you are great and your help/recommendations from the hotel to things to do/places to go far exceeded our expectations! i will pass this along to the other ladies and definitely refer everyone i know to plan a trip to montreal via montreal nitelife!
i hope we keep in touch as well, who else am i going to talk to at 5:30am about numbers and money matters!!!
take care,
daniela- montreal bachelorette party
testimonial -One of our clients had traveled through another company on a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas. When asked to compare both companies' service, he wrote:

"I was equally as impressed by both companies. Considering the differences between the cities and the strip club experience in each, I think both companies excelled in their element.

Don't worry about (the name of the company). You're running a great company as it is. Your attention to detail is great. Your search for feedback is impressive. Keep up the good work.

Next time I go up there, I want an experience just as good but with a whole new batch of places, except for ( ). I'll go back there every time.

I've visited a number of cities, including London, Paris, Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok and Amsterdam. Montreal has become one of my favorite cities because it is a short trip from Washington DC that offers the same things that those other cities offer - good food, Cuban cigars, a fascinating culture, and a wide variety of entertainment. Not only is it a good city for a bachelor party but it would be equally as good for a romantic holiday.

Keep in touch. If you ever visit DC, let me know. It would be great to have dinner and a drink together.

Take care. quote
William E., Washington, D.C.
testimonial To the coolest guys with the best job in the world,

Thanks again had a crazy time. Love Montreal. we will be back and we will ask for you. once again thanks take care
mike- craziest bachelor party ever
testimonial Thanks for everything ... hotel, restaurant selections and bar recommendations were all perfect for our taste. Excellent restaurants .. the rooms were perfect and our time spent on the Terrasse was quite enjoyable as well. We went to Saint Laurent and had a blast ... I would recommend that place to people too. Please call if you come to Orlando ... we would appreciate it ...

Take care quote
Tracey, Florida
testimonial Anthony,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all your help with the bachelor party for me and my friends. Everyone had a great time. A couple of the guys wanted me to ask you if your agency did any NHL hockey packages and or Ski and Stay packages in the Montreal area. We are looking to possibly head up to Montreal for another weekend this winter and hope to catch a Canadiennes game and do some skiing at a nearby resort. If you have any information about either of those it would be greatly appreciated.
Peter- thankful for the best bachelor party ideas
testimonial Montreal Nightlife,

We all had a great time and appreciate all the suggestions. Each place was great. I will forward this on to everyone who came along.

One of my buddies asked a favor to see if you could send an email to the bachelorette party from Saturday night as they took some pictures and he wanted to see if they could email them to him. His email is If you could pass his email to them and see if they would send the pics that'd be sweet. We forgot a camera that night. Or even if you want to pass on my name or his and they could find us on facebook that'd be cool too.

Again thanks for the help and I will spread the word of Montreal Nitelife.
Brad - bachelor party montreal, may
testimonial Good Morning,

We made it back to Boston in one piece yesterday. Thank you for helping me plan a fun weekend in Montreal. The food/atmosphere at xyz was great.

Thanks again,
Alisha, Bachelorette Party with Montreal Nightlife
testimonial Hi Daniel,

We had a great time in Montréal last weekend. XYZ ended up a one stop shop and we loved it. The ambiance was what we were looking for.
Guillaume, the stripper, got us warmed up quiet nicely before our dinner, thanks to him. We loved him!!

Merci encore une fois
Desiree - Montreal bachelorette party
testimonial How's it going? You may remember me from my bachelor party that Sean organized. Suffice to say, I am getting married this weekend (scary as it is)> I wanted to reiterate how much that weekend was for everyone and pass on my friend Greg's contact info (see below). He will be contacting you to discuss another crazy bachelor party weekend in Montreal.

Hope all is well.

Best, quote
Matt W., NYC
testimonial Montreal Nitelife,

I can't thank you all enough for an amazing time! We all had a blast and everything you set up for us was perfect. Completely perfect. I personally had a blast!

I am leaving town in a couple days for Cannes Film Festival and back in LA on the 23rd. I look forward to catching when I get back as I am crazy busy till then.

Best to you all and thanks again.

testimonial Good morning,

It was a blast! The studio was great, everyone had a good time, and the dancer was hot hot hot! Mission accomplished. I'm so happy its over!

Thanks so much for your help

Have a great day
Julia- Bachelorette Party in Montreal, April

testimonial i can't thank you enough for the weekend organization. i'm back in atlanta, and i'm cramming for exams, when all i can think about is dancing all night with beautiful canadians! i'm not sure if you've ever dealt with customers from atlanta, but your network just grew to georgia. i'll definitely be back, and i'll suggest it to every one of my close friends. take care and let me know if you're ever in atlanta. testimonial end