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Dinner + party = the best of both worlds

Supper Club industry thrives in Canada's Sin City

By : Lauren Chang MacLean

Supper Clubs are a whole third dimension of nightlife in Montreal, in that they pair a posh dinner service with a DJ-fuelled club scene into one crazy-hectic party-filled night. Supper Clubs in Montreal are done right – and the originals have spawned copycat establishments in cities nation-wide. As restaurants, they offer a glam setting for fine dining, and as night clubs their party status is legendary. Clients can dine, or party after 11pm – or better yet, both. Supper Clubs are one of the influential aspects of Montreal nightlife and lower St-Laurent is home to four of the cities finest...



3500 St-Laurent

montreal nightlife photo
montreal nightlife photo
With its snazzy 1970s chic décor and sleek corner locale, Med has carved out a place for itself as a reputable Italian/Grill restaurant with a laid-back vibe post-dinner. The place has less of a “look at me, look at me” feel than some of its neighbours and during the summertime festivals it boasts a sprawling wraparound outdoor terrace providing an optimum view of the street’s going-ons. Fashion tip for men? Don something other than a white-collared shirt to set yourself apart from the rest. Women? You’ll shine in anything sexy, sophisticated and au courant.


Buona Notte

3518 St-Laurent

montreal nightlife photo
Trendy, trendy, trendy. Every supper club in Montreal has gorgeous wait and bar-staff on-hand, but Buona Notte sets the standard. With its steady stream of guest DJ’s and throngs of 18-25-year-olds crowding the doorman every Friday and Saturday nights, this is one tried-and-true hotspot (it’s been in operation since 1991!). Open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, this place is practically an institution.

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