"Let the Doctor operate... on your nite."


La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose
Don’t miss out on La Vie en Rose’s impressive collection of undergarments for the contemporary individual. This fast-growing Canadian company has achieved its success by giving men and women the ultimate in comfort while still offering a sexy flair. This store, on the lower level of the Place Montreal Trust, is well worth checking out. Just another reason why we can’t have too many pairs of underwear!

testimonial I just want to say THANK YOU for everything that you did for Cris's Bachelorette party. Our group will not stop talking about you and how much fun we had thanks to you! Cris said, and I quote, "this was THE BEST night out that I have EVER had"...and we have had MANY MANY nights out...so that is HUGE! The place that you sent us for dinner was FABULOUS...from the food and entertainment to the service. We just LOVED every second of it. When you met us and PERSONALLY took us to one of the night clubs you suggested, we were floored! That was SO awesome!! That club was just what we were looking for ... testimonial end