Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10: Why Montreal Nightlife?

  1. Pricing: Our prices are the lowest because of:

    1. No dishonest mark-ups. We provide the actual bottle service menus of each club. Other companies mark them up to make a profit, that's why they are so expensive!
    2. Volume! We are the only VIP company with a travel license. We book more hotel rooms than any other service, and our volume-discounted deals with the hotels reflect the amount business we bring them.
    3. Operating efficiencies. Our Trip Builder app is one of the best VIP-travel planning tools available anywhere in the world and it cuts out tons of manual labour so that we can offer the best prices!

  2. Travel Licensed:

    We are a licensed travel agenciy and we are subject to travel industry laws and regulations whose objective is to protect consumers. Licensed travel agencies are also subject to regular financial and regulations inspections.

    Beware of travel agencies operating without travel licenses -- these companies have no regulatory body supervising their activities, which puts you at risk because they know that you can complain to anyone.

    We are not some fly-by-night internet marketing company posing as VIPs -- we are a real, licensed travel agency that has specialized in Montreal's nightlife since 2001.

  3. We work with EVERY major club and restaurant and activity provider in Montreal.

  4. Every trip is customized exactly to your preferences.

  5. Know exactly what you are getting before you pay No surprise hidden fees or similar bull.

  6. We have flexible payment and deposit options.

  7. We've been featured on TV, in the newspapers, and in magazines -- and have the proof.

  8. Our unbeatable Montreal Nightlife guarantees.

  9. Our systems are designed especially for group organizers planning a group, from pricing, hotel, itinerary planning, etc.

  10. Our roots are in Montreal -- why even consider a tour operator that originates from another city if you are coming to Montreal?!? Every employee of Montreal Nightlife lives in Montreal and we've been partying here for years. Nobody knows more about Montreal's nightlife than us!

testimonial We all had an excellent time this past weekend even though we had all that rain on Saturday. We particularly enjoyed (...). That was the best all around experience. The food was excellent, the service was excellent and so were the waitresses. The Jazz festival was a nice experience and so was the Brazilian festival. The entire weekend went off without a hitchMembers of our group were very happy with your suggestions for activities and with people you introduced them to. Montreal will definitely be on my list of cities to visit again and we will definitely contact you when we do. We wish you co ... testimonial end
Len, Rob, Ken, & Antonio