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Top 5 Ways To Make Sure The Bride Is Happy With The Bachelor Party

The main priority of any bachelor party is to make sure that the groom has the time of his life. But you don’t want the celebrations to end on a low note when he returns home to an angry, disgruntled fiancee.

As much as the guys would love a night out on the town carte-blanche, with no rules whatsoever, that’s not going to happen – the groom may be at his bachelor party but it’s only fair that he ensures his other half is comfortable with the evening’s itinerary. After all, he’d want her to grant him the same courtesy, right?

Now, we’re not endorsing that you go into major specifics (“So we’re going to buy him a few lap dances and plow him with tequila”). However, here are the top 5 ways to make sure the bride is happy with the bachelor party.

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One of the worst things that can stem from a bachelor party that’s maybe “too good” is a rift caused between the bride and groom. Should the man-of-the-hour get into some debauchery at places like Cabaret Les Amazones that his lady doesn’t approve of¬†and¬†she finds out, one can assume the wedding will either be incredibly tense or non-existent. Take a gander at this list of tips and you can avoid turning the days leading up to your wedding into a bloodbath of emotions.

– Talk it over. The future bride and groom should at least go over the basic schedule for each other’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. Secrets lead to suspicion. Be upfront if you plan on going to a strip club – you’d rather find out prior to a night of debauchery that she’s really uncomfortable with it then after.

– Be reachable. Maybe you don’t want the couple to be able to text or call each other all evening to check up. That’s OK. Just make sure at least one person from each group can get in touch, so maybe the best man and the maid of honour.

– Don’t take pictures. This is one of those instances where “what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.” There should be no incriminating evidence. Facebook doesn’t need images of your boy dressed up as a woman crawling down St. Laurent Street – not only will his wife-to-be see them but so could his mom, grandma, and Aunt Miriam.

– Get a room. Sending your inebriated friend home to his fiancee in a drunken stupor probably won’t go over so well, so you can either rent a hotel room or elect to bring him back to your place, at least until the next day. Let him return to his bride in somewhat one piece. We can find you a hotel at the cheapest rate possible – contact Montreal Nitelife Tours to take care of everything.

– Check in. Give your buddy’s girlfriend the courtesy of a two-second text, just to put her mind at ease. Something like, “Everyone’s having a great time. Hope your night is going well.” A quick check-in with the bride will go a lot further than you may think.