"Don't you want to meet my nurses?!"



922 St-Laurent
Bring a talkative buddy with you on the weekend, for you will be waiting in line at l’Avenue—and rightfully so. Known for the big bright breakfasts and striking fruit cocktails, l’Avenue is the quintessential breakfast place of the Plateau. With an urban décor, some say the window even looks like a bicycle shop with a chef in the window. Prices are modest and the lunch/dinner menu is just as scrumptious. Dress at will.

testimonial You guys are the shit. I plan on writing a real refferral later one day.. but you guys did a hell of a job. the entertainment was SICK. those girls are good.. real good. lots of fun and more than ive seen at any party here. ive been to a bunch too.. i will definitely recomend you to anyone any time i hear of a bachelor party. the bachelor LOVED it.. the cheap guys were happy. the guys with money were happy. even the guys hwo dont party so hard had a blast. good shit. You can use this if you want. i would edit it.. spell some things right.. now if you can get the border guys to chill the f*** o ... testimonial end
Joe, NYC