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Tristan & America

705 Ste-Catherine W.
This international company was actually started in Montreal, and while it pushes an international flavor, you can still see its origins in the on-the-edge alterations to their business and casual wear. Directed mostly toward men trying to score an impressive clean-cut figure, there is also a large section for ladies craving for that perfect office outfit.

testimonial Montreal nightlife, Montreal was great. Lost a few things along the way (i.e. My cell phone, left my ID and CC at Opera) but s'all good. Thanks for the great suggestions and being accomodating, everyone loved Globe. You were on the ball with the Glamazons. The theme of the weekend appeared to be Octopu$$y. Hah, I will never forget that 20-9 ratio. Sorry about not providing the commentary, but I don't think I (or others) were verbally competent at that point. I have already forwarded the info. to the rest of the group. I'll definitely be passing on your services. Be ... testimonial end
Jo, Bachelor party in Montreal, July