"Bypass surgery with Dr. Nitelife."



1455 Peel
Diesel, G-Starr, Energie and all the other urban labels find their place in Arithmetik. Sales are seasonal and the shoe selection is as cool as a kick can get. Buying rave tickets is a standard procedure for Arithmetik. So pack a deep wallet and get ice-cold cool in trendy rags, as they are located a few steps down from the north-Peel entrance.

testimonial First of all I would like to thank you for putting forth such an amazing event that I will trully remember. The hotel was fantastic, the clubs were amazing, and the people were fun!!! I would like to ask about your spring break packages as i would like to return as well as some friends as i showed them pictures of our trip. Thanks again for the fantastic time, and a wonderful event as Carm, and i will charish forever... Thanks and happy new year!!! testimonial end
Mike, Toronto