"For fast, effective hangovers..."



1455 Peel
Diesel, G-Starr, Energie and all the other urban labels find their place in Arithmetik. Sales are seasonal and the shoe selection is as cool as a kick can get. Buying rave tickets is a standard procedure for Arithmetik. So pack a deep wallet and get ice-cold cool in trendy rags, as they are located a few steps down from the north-Peel entrance.

testimonial Daniel, Over the weekedn everyone has contacted me to say we shoud do it exactly the same like once a monh or two. You will be hearing from me and I can't say how perfect everything was. The only complaint everyone had was that it passed way too fast. It was asthough we walked in the club and came out two minutes later. Time flies when your having fun. Like I said probably end of may or beginning of june we will set this up again. At wrst my birthday is in july so at latest... Oh and by the way our limo driver was awesome. agreed to pick us up whenever we wanted and gave us extra ... testimonial end