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American Apparel

1455 Peel
Montreal, H3A 1T5
American Apparel
Take the twisting steps down to the Metro Level and find Dov Charney’s American Apparel cotton store. Without a single brand other than on the inside tag, American Apparel makes t-shirts and sweats with ethics, proving that sweatshops are actually worse business plans than his gig. Originally a Montrealer, Charney anchored the headquarters in L.A. and opened his downtown factory with all the morally driven perks for his employees. Whether you dig it or not, the fits and feels are perfect for simplicity-in-style. And even if you can’t afford the 22$ t-shirt, at least take a peak at the provocative photography on the walls. AA also has locations on St-Laurent, St-Denis, and on Ste-Catherine across from the Faubourg.

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