"Don't you want to meet my nurses?!"


Club Monaco

1455 Peel
The only Club Monaco in Montreal is located in Cours-Mont Royal. Sprawling over two floors, the men’s department is on the first floor, accessible by the southern entrance on Peel. Without their basic tees and sweatshirts with the pressed or embroidered logo, Club Monaco offers minimalist clothing in simple yet trendy colors. The fits are comfortably snug and Club Monaco’s in-store ambiance doesn’t scream at you. Staff is friendly and prices are affordable for casual, office or nighttime threads

testimonial How's it going? You may remember me from my bachelor party that Sean organized. Suffice to say, I am getting married this weekend (scary as it is)> I wanted to reiterate how much that weekend was for everyone and pass on my friend Greg's contact info (see below). He will be contacting you to discuss another crazy bachelor party weekend in Montreal. Hope all is well. Best, testimonial end
Matt W., NYC