"Tell me, where does it hurt?"


Club Monaco

1455 Peel
The only Club Monaco in Montreal is located in Cours-Mont Royal. Sprawling over two floors, the men’s department is on the first floor, accessible by the southern entrance on Peel. Without their basic tees and sweatshirts with the pressed or embroidered logo, Club Monaco offers minimalist clothing in simple yet trendy colors. The fits are comfortably snug and Club Monaco’s in-store ambiance doesn’t scream at you. Staff is friendly and prices are affordable for casual, office or nighttime threads

testimonial Hi, this is from Mariam and Ricardo (the couple who got their room really really late...not sure how else you will remember). We just wanted to say this is our second year on the trip and we enjoyed ourselves even more than the previous year. It was fabulous!!! Everything was punctual, the clubs were amazing, rooms were good and service was excellent. You guys are great hosts and really showed us a good time. Also, the tour was reallyyy worth it and fun. Anyway thanks again for an amazing year!!! Take care and hope to see you both soon. Ricardo and Mariam testimonial end
Ricardo and Mariam, Toronto