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Blue Marine & Company

705 Ste-Catherine W.
On the 2nd floor on the south-east corner, you’d be hard-pressed to miss this trendsetting boutique and its mosaic of designer labels. Although it often gets quite packed for such a small store, don’t let that impede you. The place is well-stocked, and the garments are laid on tables rather than hung so it’s easy to find your next statement. A well-seasoned traveler will know to head to the back of the store for their impressive, yet hard-to-find sale section. The regular Blue Marine & Company has done so well that they’ve opened up an accessory store just across the way. Even more selective than its cousin, it holds Montreal’s best in trendy handbags and shoes that will complete any up-to-the-minute outfit. If it’s learned anything from its flagship store, it’s how to choose some killer combos.

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