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Face London

1455 Peel
Montreal, H3A 1T5
This store brings British fashion to the traditionally French city of Montreal. Included in their interesting wardrobe choices are a great number of necklaces and jewelry that have made quite a hit it on the streets of jolly old England. Unlike the others stores, Face London targets women only, and has a great many number of casual dresses and street clothes.

testimonial We had a great time in Montreal. You guys were by far the best choice for tour companies. My friends stayed with (...), and not only did they pay more, they had muc more strict policies and timelines. I thank you for taking the time to call the bus company Thursday morning to make sure everything was running smoothly. I am definately booking with you guys again for next year and hopefully maybe even as soon as march break and referring friends to book with you guys. Thanks again for an awesome weekend, testimonial end
Brittney, Ontario