"For fast, effective hangovers..."


Giorgio Armani

1455 Peel
Should you be in town for a particular event, it is best you pass down to the Armani store before you head out. At the height of classy casual wear, you’ll impress the knee-high socks off anybody you should be encountering during your stay. The black-and-white themed store is immaculately kept, and the staff remains both conservative and knowledgeable.

testimonial You guys are the shit. I plan on writing a real refferral later one day.. but you guys did a hell of a job. the entertainment was SICK. those girls are good.. real good. lots of fun and more than ive seen at any party here. ive been to a bunch too.. i will definitely recomend you to anyone any time i hear of a bachelor party. the bachelor LOVED it.. the cheap guys were happy. the guys with money were happy. even the guys hwo dont party so hard had a blast. good shit. You can use this if you want. i would edit it.. spell some things right.. now if you can get the border guys to chill the f*** o ... testimonial end
Joe, NYC