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Place des Arts

Ste-Catherine W.
Montreal, H2X 1Z9
Place des Arts
This huge structure houses most of Montreal's festivals as well as its major cultural events. The sprawling white steps, surrounded by fountains and beautiful contemporary architecture, make it a typical stop for those looking to sit on the steps and people watch. It is comprised of three major structures. The first is the Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal (Montreal's contemporary art museum), which houses a huge private collection of over 7000 important art pieces. The second is the Salle Wilfred-Pelletier, which stages many of Montreal's more refined artists, including the major shows of Montreal's International Jazz Festival such as legendary hip-hop act The Roots. The third is the Theatre Maisonneuve, which is often billed with opera companies and orchestras from all over the world. Attached to the metro as well as the beginning of Ste-Catherine's descent into the city core, it is one of the cities most crucial landmarks.

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