"Somebody call for a Doctor?!"


Jello Bar

151 Ontario E.
Jello Bar
Rated at one of the top bars in the entire world, any local will tell you they spent a period in their life frequenting Jello Bar, the best martini lounge in Montreal. Pool tables in the back lounge for a more hip lounge feel to it, whereas 52 martinis grace the bar-menu in the bar room decorated with Retro-chic lamps and furniture. Musically, Jello Bar opened in 1994 and is a soulful experience for anyone from you to Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro and Bette Midler. The dance floor is intimately located in the main room and open seven nights a week (Mondays and Sundays are open to private parties only), with live bands and DJs on the busy weekends.

testimonial Thank you very much! Everyone had a wonderful time and the one thing they would change is to come for two days instead of one!! Which I suggested in the beginning, but everyone was so skeptical. Now they all love you and all had a great time. You should come to Oneonta. It's not Montreal, but it can be a good time... I along with the other girls and guys will definitely refer you to other groups! You put together a great weekend. I will talk to you soon!! testimonial end
Valery G., Oneonta University, NY