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Jello Bar

151 Ontario E.
Jello Bar
Rated at one of the top bars in the entire world, any local will tell you they spent a period in their life frequenting Jello Bar, the best martini lounge in Montreal. Pool tables in the back lounge for a more hip lounge feel to it, whereas 52 martinis grace the bar-menu in the bar room decorated with Retro-chic lamps and furniture. Musically, Jello Bar opened in 1994 and is a soulful experience for anyone from you to Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro and Bette Midler. The dance floor is intimately located in the main room and open seven nights a week (Mondays and Sundays are open to private parties only), with live bands and DJs on the busy weekends.

testimonial The entire weekend was well planned and there were plenty of options made available to us thanks to yourself and the rest of Montreal Nitelife Tours. From the limo at the airport to the reservations at great hotels and restaurants, no details were overlooked. I will surely forward your information to my friends and give you a call myself if and when I return to Montreal. What a great city... Thanks again and let me know if you make it to Florida first... testimonial end
Charles, Orlando, Florida