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Seasonal Festivities at its best

Celebrating four seasons with excitement

By : Adair MacGregor

Bal en Blanc Weekend

Easter Weekend, 2007

Montreal’s biggest party on the Easter weekend, BBCM puts together a line-up of world famous DJs which attract international attention. Five days of partying, all leading up to the main Bal en Blanc party, keep the Village night clubs packed till closing time. Various activities are organized having to do with urban culture, fashion, dance and design.

Montreal’s International Art Festival

June 29th to March 2nd

The 7th edition of this massive open air art festival stretches almost two months. This unique cultural event takes place in the heart of the Village between St. Hubert and Papineau along Ste Catherine. Amherst Park turns into a giant canopy to showcase several international award-winning artists and neighboring venues hang local and non-local art on their walls. It is filled with shows, demonstrations and an awards ceremony presented by local Village merchants.

Hot and Dry Weekend

End of May, 2007

The second biggest circuit festival put on by the BBCM, the Hot and Dry weekend is a promised blast. After the cold weather, Montreal’s Village erupts, throwing off its winter clothes and undressing at the two traditional parties: the Hot and Dry dance and the Fresh Party. While the party is often held outside of the Village, the local clubs explode with their own pre and after parties.

Divers/Cite (Gay Pride)

July 30th to August 6th, 2006

Montreal’s gay pride divides itself into three sections: the Divers/Cite festival, the Grande Rendezvous (Community fair) and the Pride Parade. The entire festival is one of the largest in North America-- according to Wikipedia, in 2002, a record 1.4 million tourists came into the city (compared to official population at the time of 1.8 million). Although there is non-stop partying throughout the week, the final goodbye party squeezes shut the village with bodies, dancing and laughter.

The Outgames

July 26th to August 5th, 2006

The 1st ever Outgames will take place in Montreal during the gay pride festival. With 35 sporting competitions, 6 cultural activities (including a choral festival and cheerleading), opening and closing ceremonies and three official parties put on by BBCM, the first official gay sporting competition should prove to be one of Montreal’s biggest tourist hotspots. Get your cameras out now, here come the athletes!

Black and Blue

October 4th to 10th, 2006

Begun in 1991 by BBCM, Black and Blue is now the largest party of its kind in the world. While the massive 14 hour party takes place at the Olympic Stadium, the Jock Ball, the Leather Ball, the Military Ball and the Recovery Party are all held in the Village. Part of the official lineup includes various brunches, cocktails, t-dances, museum visits, art exhibitions, sporting events and cruises. All proceeds go directly to AIDS related organizations.

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