"Don't you want to meet my nurses?!"



19 Prince Arthur W.
Montreal, H2X 1S4
This small boutique on Prince Arthur just off St-Laurent screams younger generation with loud music, great sneakers (M= Adidas W=Keds) and casual/sportswear with a skater flair to it. You will definitely find all the big jean labels for women and men while they tend to hold specific items per label such as Adidas terry cloth zip-ups for men and gorgeous summer dresses for the girls.

testimonial First of all I would like to thank you for putting forth such an amazing event that I will trully remember. The hotel was fantastic, the clubs were amazing, and the people were fun!!! I would like to ask about your spring break packages as i would like to return as well as some friends as i showed them pictures of our trip. Thanks again for the fantastic time, and a wonderful event as Carm, and i will charish forever... Thanks and happy new year!!! testimonial end
Mike, Toronto