"Tell me, where does it hurt?"



19 Prince Arthur W.
Montreal, H2X 1S4
This small boutique on Prince Arthur just off St-Laurent screams younger generation with loud music, great sneakers (M= Adidas W=Keds) and casual/sportswear with a skater flair to it. You will definitely find all the big jean labels for women and men while they tend to hold specific items per label such as Adidas terry cloth zip-ups for men and gorgeous summer dresses for the girls.

testimonial Hi Daniel, We had a great time in Montréal last weekend. XYZ ended up a one stop shop and we loved it. The ambiance was what we were looking for. Guillaume, the stripper, got us warmed up quiet nicely before our dinner, thanks to him. We loved him!! Merci encore une fois testimonial end
Desiree - Montreal bachelorette party