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Montreal Bachelorette Party

Sample Itinerary

Customize our suggested itinerary to suit your style. Additional guidance and suggestion is always available when you book with Montreal Nitelife Travel.


arrival Arrive at your hotel and check into your reserved rooms. An MNT rep will show up to give you your package and introduce the city to you.
4pm The staff and guides of MNT are very well acquainted with the in-crowd of Montreal. So why not take a stroll on Ste-Catherine Street for some window shopping. And if it’s all too familiar, just ask our rep for the hidden gems located in the more localized parts of Downtown Montreal.
7pm Give those lovely feet a rest and relax on one of Montreal’s well-known terraces. Raining or snowy outside? Try the infamous lounges where you automatically feel welcomed and cozy with the friendly staff and drink specials.
9pm Restaurants: As the gastronomical capital of the world, the variety of restaurants and dish styles range to any cultural tradition you can fathom. Planning your dinner is not your problem. Tell us how much you want to spend, including type of dish, wine and/or a few drinks and we’ll reserve the best suggested options.
11pm Hit up an upscale lounge/club or pub to enjoy the world-renown nightlife of Montreal. Bottle service is required if you want to reserve a table for your group- one bottle minimum per of six people.
3am Want to dance till noon? Maybe hit the Casino (open 24 hrs)? You choose, we take care of it.


Early PM Saw the shops and know what you want?... might as well go pick it up today.
4pm Has it been a rough weekend so far for your nails and feet? Pamper yourself! Have us set you up with a spa appointment. How does a lovely 1 hour massage sound?
7pm Hello Ladies! In the mood for a little educational fun? Strip tease classes maybe? Let us know...
9:30pm Dinner at a supper club. Trendy, posh, and sometimes pretentious, your Montreal experience wouldn't be complete without a visit to a supper club. The only other cities in North America reputed for these types of places are NYC (i.e. The Lotus) and Miami (i.e. Pearl). It'll take the worries of having to move from 1 location to another after dinner. These are classy, fashionista type of places where the partying can get quite intense.

What is a supper club: Have dinner from 9:30- 11:30. As time goes by, the DJ increases the tempo and volume of the music subtly... As people finish eating, you'll notice the busboys clearing the restaurant floor of some of the tables and chairs, making room for a dance floor. You'll surely enjoy the boys sending the drinks over in return for some fun on the dance floor.

testimonial Hi Daniel, We had a great time in Montréal last weekend. XYZ ended up a one stop shop and we loved it. The ambiance was what we were looking for. Guillaume, the stripper, got us warmed up quiet nicely before our dinner, thanks to him. We loved him!! Merci encore une fois testimonial end
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