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There’s no better way of describing Montreal than as the finest Canadian city to visit.

The seams all seem to fit perfectly, from the beautiful people to the bumpin’ nightlife all the way back to the trendsetting shopping; Montreal creates a buzz of excitement at any time of the day.

Let’s just say that Montreal sure lives up to its international reputation as the party capital of Canada.

The density of restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, after-hours clubs, stores, hotels, famous sightseeing spots and infamous strip clubs makes Canada’s party capital the undisputed best choice for a metropolitan weekend-getaway, especially if you find yourself needed a break from mundane schooling.

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From the trouble-free accessibility of the downtown to the ski slopes within an hour’s drive north of Montreal Island, the flexibility of Quebec’s largest city should create an anxiety attack upon arrival.

Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, right after big sister Paris. Yet somehow the language barrier doesn’t seem to exist within the heart of this Canadian Island City.

Montreal boasts the title as the rebellious son of Canada as the European influences create flavors unseen anywhere else in North America. In Montreal, you can feel like you’re in any part of the world as the city’s diversity is impossible to ignore.

The best way to understand why Montreal is so liberal should be measured through to the accepted multiculturalism of the city. It didn’t become one of the world’s most fun cities by being rigid and judgmental!

With the ever-present growing number of worldly cultures and influences throughout Montreal and its expanding suburbs, everything from the political structure to the entertainment aspect is created with the freedom of expression and acceptance to heavy diversity.

The constancy of the downtown’s nightlife is as exclusive as the smoked meat sandwiches in the many deli restaurants like Schwartz’s found throughout the metropolitan area. And, ironically, both leave you feeling overjoyed and filled with good feelings.

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