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Montreal Party Weekend

Sample Itinerary

Customize our suggested itinerary to suit your style. Additional guidance and suggestion is always available when you book with Montreal Nitelife Travel.


arrival Arrive at your hotel and check into your reserved rooms. An MNT rep will show up to give you your package and introduce the city to you.
4pm Enjoy drinks at a terrace in downtown Montreal. Mingle a little while taking in some rays, have a beer and enjoy the scenery. Montreal’s lounges and bars also get going at this time during the infamous "cinq à sept", the well-known happy hour for professionals from 5 to 7pm that keeps rocking all the way to clubbing hours.
7pm Restaurants: As the gastronomical capital of the world, the variety of restaurants and dish styles range to any cultural tradition you can fathom. Planning your dinner is not your problem. Tell us how much you want to spend, including type of dish, wine and/or a few drinks we reserve the best suggested options.
11pm Hit up an upscale lounge/club or pub to enjoy the world-renown nightlife of Montreal. Bottle service is required if you want to reserve a table for your group- one bottle minimum per of six people.
3am Want to dance till noon? Maybe hit the Casino (open 24 hrs)? Or have an early-morning massage? You choose.


am/pm The Montreal Casino is an option. So is go-karting, paintball, white-water rafting, jet boating, a round of golf, sports bars to catch some day games or other seasonal events such as rooftop pool parties or after-hours after-parties.
8pm If the party weekend needs a little down time, Saturday evening is definitely the right time as ladies start getting ready and boys can cop a snooze. Yet if the energy is alive, stroll down to Old Montreal and let your eyes marvel at the gorgeous architecture and fine- lights from the Old Port to the boutique-hotel area of Victoria Square.
9:30pm Dinner at a supper club: Have a model hostess Perfectly provided for both men and women) take you your reserved table, where a model waiter/waitress takes your order. Enjoy an exquisite dinner with your pals as the local fashionistas start to fill the trendy-decorated venue. Then the lights dim, replace your cutlery for bottle service and before you know it...everyone will be on their chairs.

The Supperclub concept was founded in New York and has moved to Miami, Los Angeles and several other metropolitan nightlife havens. Yet the exclusivity and posh idea is definitely flourishing here in Montreal. So get there post primetime dinner hours (9:30 PM) and enjoy your stay till the light’s come on at 3 AM.

testimonial We had a fantastic time. You were completely worth the money. I've attached the updated survey. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Many stories were born this weekend. Sincerely, testimonial end
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